CW Renew/Cancel Watch: 16-17 Veteran Preseason Predictions and New Format

Hey folks, this is Jessica. Welcome to a special edition of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch. As I have stated in my state of the TV Ratings Guide address, there will be a format change for next season's CW Renew/Cancel Watch. Just as I promised, I will bring the preseason predictions for the returning shows on the network. Keep in mind, these will not be the actual predictions once they air. Here they are:

Cancelation Predicted
Renewal Predicted

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Originals
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The Flash

The Vampire Diaries

Jane the Virgin


The 100

If you have noticed, there is a new format for the Renew/Cancel Watch. The three categories are: Cancelation Predicted, Watching, and Renewal Predicted.

On The Flash, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and The 100
Third season shows are special cases where they can easily be predicted in advance. The Flash, Jane the Virgin, and iZombie will be on their third season next season. The Flash and Jane the Virgin are obvious, because they will be hitting 60+ episodes after their third season, and they need one more season for syndication purposes. iZombie is less obvious, but I think that it will ultimately be renewed. The way that the network has scheduled the show has ultimately made this DC show a limited series.

The Rest of the Lineup
Surprise, no show is in cancelation predicted territory. Although there are four shows that are toss ups to predict. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was inexplicably renewed, yet the Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award are plausible reasons why it was. It will depend on whether it can pull off another Globe win, and possibly scheduling. For the rest of the shows in Watching territory, I think that they will be tough to predict, unless the CW makes final season announcements.

The rest of the top four rated shows on the network are obviously in the Renewal Predicted category.

As always, these predictions will not always be set in stone. There will always be extraneous factors that will include league average declines and CBS/Warner politics. If every show on the network is down year to year, that's not the individual show's fault in of itself. It's the fault of the network.

What do you think about the preseason predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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