Life in Pieces S1E13 Review

This week on Life in Pieces, the kids have a party, Tim gets a lobster, Greg goes to the gym, and the family participates in a yard sale. Read on for my thoughts on this week's four stories!

S1E13 "Party Lobster Gym Sale"

In the first story, Colleen recommends her gym to Greg. He tours the gym, which seems like it is intended to be funny, but it isn't really to me. Greg joins the gym, and he becomes very enthusiastic about this. Jen tries to remind him why he wanted to get fit. He says that he remembers that it was for Lark, then asks her to get her when she cries, which is pretty funny. It is also pretty funny when he pretends to be working hard at the gym. There were a couple of funny moments, but it took a little bit to get to them.

In the second story, Heather and Tim are spending the night in a hotel, and the kids are spending the night alone. Heather and Tim discover that their vodka bottle is filled with water, so they decide to head home. Sophia discovers that they are heading home, so Tyler and his girlfriend, whose band has been playing, try to get everyone to leave. It isn't working, so they go to Matt and Colleen, who help them pretend that the cops are there. There is also a funny joke about how the band somehow didn't clear out the party. When Heather and Tim got home, they try to figure out who drank the vodka, but they can't because, it was Joan and John, which is very funny. Again, there were a couple of funny moments, but you had to wait for them.

In the third story, Joan and John are participating in the garage sale. Heather is gathering things to sell, and there is a funny scene where all of Sophia's stuffed animals are in stuffed animal jail, but she doesn't want to get rid of any of them. Jen wants to get rid of things that Joan gave her, and Heather does also, so they decide to set up their own garage sale, an idea that they give Greg credit for, which is really funny. There are some funny moments where Heather and Jen bring people across the street, including when Joan sees Jen. John finds out about this, and he decides that this is a good idea, and he wants to sell some things too. Joan discovers their garage sale, and decides to take all of the things back, and the money that they made selling these items. Also, John is about to show up with things, but turns around when he sees Joan, which is really funny.

In the forth story, Tim brings home a lobster. There is a discussion about whether it is humane to eat the lobster, which includes some funny lines from Joan about how she understands that, but loves lobster. The lobster disappears, so Heather and Tim try to find out who took him. This leads to a funny line from Sophia, when she says that her stuffed animal lobster wants to go on a date with the lobster. Joan then tells them she knows who took the lobster. Heather and Tim go up to John, who apparently related to the lobster, which was pretty funny. He releases the lobster into the ocean, and everyone says goodbye to him. Joan asks if he remembered to take the rubber bands off the claws, and he says he did, but then says that he needs to go for a swim. This final scene is very funny.

While the first two stories only had a couple of laughs, the other two were very funny. Overall, it was a good episode.

What did you think of "Party Lobster Gym Sale"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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