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After a surprise cliffhanger ending last week, the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes to a close tonight. After being up-and-down for most of the season, in the last couple of months Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been consistent, so I hope that it continues that trend tonight.

S3E23 "Greg and Larry"

The start of the episode shows what happened with Holt, while on his way to get food, he turned around to go back to the room, and witnessed the murder. Gina uses "find my phone" to discover that Holt is still at the hospital, and there is a hilarious line from her about how life isn't hard. Amy says goodbye to her jail friends, and there are some hilarious jokes in this. I especially loved that she didn't click with one girl because she was a Nazi. Jake impersonates Holt to try to find him, and they discover codes he is sending them. There are some great Hitchcock and Scully jokes, and then Terry takes down the FBI guy.

The group poses as doctors to leave the hospital, and they plan to go to Rosa's house because no one knows where she lives. Amy is freaking out about Holt, and can't get her mind off of it. Jake and Terry try to escape the hospital and elude the bad guys. There are multiple great moments in this. Holt gets the FBI guy out of the hospital by having Gina pretend to be a crazy person who thinks she's Serena Williams, and Holt claims they are both crazy. Holt, Jake, Terry, Rosa, Gina, Hitchcock, and Scully all try to get the agent to break, and this is hilarious. Then, the power goes out, which the agent claims means time is up for them.

When a sniper is about to shoot the agent, he decides to talk. Everyone gets into Rosa's panic room, except Jake and Rosa. When they come out, it is revealed that Amy and Charles caused the power outage, and faked the sniper, with help from Rosa. There is a hilarious joke about how the building manager describes Rosa here. The team celebrates, but Jake gets a call and discovers he is still in danger. One month later, he and Holt are living in Florida under the aliases Greg and Larry. What happens in the next month? And how will the next season work out?

This was a great episode. Some Amy and Charles parts weren't as good as they could have been, but otherwise the episode was perfect.

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