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Why Is Family Guy Now "Likely to be Renewed"?
Is Peter FOX and Louis Family Guy?
Today it was announced that FOX will air a new romantic mockumentary sitcom in the summer...and did I mention it was in Family Guy's time slot? We know definitively the show premieres at 9/8c on June 12th, and though it's unclear if the show will air its entire run at 9pm, it's sort of implied by not stating otherwise. 

Well, maybe Family Guy reruns will shift to 8:30, right? Or maybe not. FutonCritic has listings for two weeks into summer, and The Simpsons and rerunning at both 8 and 8:30 both weeks. We can only assume that already-renewed Bob's Burgers is getting rerun at 7:30, possibly even at 7 too like last summer. Meanwhile, Family Guy is yet to get an official renewal announcement. For all we know they're working on new episodes and FOX never announced it; or maybe Seth MacFarlane decided it was time to call it quits?

It's too unbelievable to fathom that this could be Family Guy's final season what with everything else going on, so it's staying as a likely renewal for now. I'm continuing to research the situation, in the meantime. 

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