The Middle S7E19 Review

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This week, Sue has a crush on her professor, and Cindy may be moving away.

S7E19 "Crushed"

Sue is at an early morning lecture, but she is excited about it because she thinks the professor is attractive, which is funny. At home, Frankie becomes hilariously obsessed with becoming friends with the parents of people in Brick's grade. I especially loved Mike's line about how he should have gotten the pizza. Frankie discovers that none of the parents want to hang out with them, but Brick suggest Cindy's parents, and there is a hilarious part where they don't remember that he went away with them for a weekend. Cindy's parents are very strange, which is hilarious.

Sue is very funny when she goes to her professor's apartment. She freaks out when he says that he thinks she has a crush on him. Meanwhile, Brick tries to get Frankie and Mike to loan Cindy's parents the money they need, and this is pretty funny.

Brick tells Frankie and Mike that he wants to take up baseball, which is hilarious. Sue yells at the guy chained to the tree, which is pretty funny, and the professor asks her to help him get caught up in class. Cindy and her parents move away, which is hilariously awkward for Frankie and Mike. They get in the car and drive, and then pull in the driveway two houses down. It turns out that they were only moving two houses away, and that is hilarious.

This was a great episode. All parts of it were funny.

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