The 100 S3E11 Review

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Arkadia's state at the end of the last episode had changed drastically from the beginning of it. What happens next?

S3E11 "Nevermore"

The episode picks up right where the last left off, with Jasper and Clarke driving away from Arkadia. He is still mad at her for Mount Weather, Jasper's healing process is slow, even in this fast-paced of a show. Meanwhile, also still angry, Octavia refuses to listen to Bellamy. When the two groups meet, they discuss what needs to be done, and Clarke says she knows where to get a wristband. The combined group takes Raven to where Clarke stayed in the season premiere. Sinclair figures out Raven's plan, and they realize they need something from the drop ship to execute the plan. Lindsey Morgan has an incredible performance in the final scene of the act, where she tries to get loose.

Jasper has a conversation to ALIE inside Raven, and Clarke makes ALIE realize that if Raven dies, ALIE won't get the thing she wants. Jasper and Bellamy talk about Clarke, and this is a great scene. Jasper is still angry with Clarke, and comments about how apparently Clarke thinks Raven is worth saving. Devon Bostick has a great performance in this scene, and the one that follows it. ALIE, through Raven, tells Clarke that she is responsible for the deaths of Wells, Finn, Lexa, and her dad. Eliza Taylor is great as Clarke explodes at this, and ends up blurting that they will fry ALIE, which causes her to figure out their plan.

Octavia expresses to Monty that she has no people, but Monty tells her that she is one of the 100, to which she responds "not anymore". Clarke apologizes to Jasper, but he doesn't accept the apology. Monty can't find Octavia, but his mother appears. Monty figures out that his mom is one of ALIE's people. She then starts beating her up to force him to take the key. Octavia rescues him, but comes close to being killed by Monty's mom. As a result, he shoots his mom. Has The 100 forced characters to kill those they love before? Absolutely. But, this isn't something that has happened to Monty before, and it shows Octavia that she does have a people, and Monty is one of them.

Monty has to keep telling himself that his mom was already gone, even though he is on his way to do what would eventually bring back his mom. ALIE gets into Jasper's head, leaving only Bellamy with Raven. She then works on him, which is a bad mistake. After overhearing that Bellamy was behind the slaughter, Niylah rushes in, and Raven sees her. Clarke and Jasper aren't the only ones with intense pain, Bellamy has pain as well, but he isn't being forgiven for what he did. Monty and Octavia return, and ALIE realizes that there isn't enough time for the others to come, so she tries to make Raven kill herself. The plan finally goes into action, but now Raven won't wake up.

Based on Lexa, Clarke realizes how to remove an AI. She does this, and Raven wakes. Monty now realizes that he could have saved his mom. He refuses to be comforted by Jasper, and he leaves. The group decide they need to leave, and Octavia leaves a gift for Niylah. Also, Clarke warns her to leave. Bellamy asks Clarke what you do when you realize you might not be the good guy, and she says maybe there aren't any good guys. Raven shares that she knows why ALIE wants a second AI. In the City of Light, ALIE tells Jaha that they must kill them all, because they will be able to stop her.

This has been such a great season so far, and this is proven by the fact that this is the third time in these last three months that I have said the following: this is my new favorite episode of The 100. The members of the 100, plus Bellamy and Raven, were all excellent in their acting performances.

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