Jane the Virgin S2E17 Review

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We're almost at Jane and Michael's wedding, which means bachelor and bachelorette parties.

S2E19 "Chapter Thirty-Nine"

The episode begins with a flashback to when Jane and Michael met, and then goes to the present where Jane is planning her bachelorette party, which Xo and Lina are secretly making more exciting. Meanwhile, Rogelio is planning Michael's bachelor party, which is really funny. A stripper shows up when Jane is giving a presentation for prospective students, and she is told she may not be able to keep her job as a TA. Petra has begun her medication, so she isn't feeling well. She takes a look at the bag on her floor.

Jane's bachelorette party is crazy, while Michael's is way too formal. Petra has dyed her hair, it looks like she may be running off. Jane wants to find out if she still has her job, so Xo lets her use her phone, and she discovers that she does. However, Xo's drunken comments accidentally get recorded and sent. Jane comes up with a plan, someone needs to get her professor's phone and delete the voicemail. She recruits the twins, but they insist on being bridesmaids in return. Meanwhile, Rogelio overhears something that Michael says about him.

The twins hilariously don't understand the plan. Petra, looking completely different, boards a bus. I wish we were getting more than these little snippets of her story, because it is a story with a lot of potential emotionally. The twins steal the phone, as well as the professor's wallet, so Jane deletes the voicemail, then throws it in the bushes when an alarm goes off. Jane and Michael party together, and Jane gets very drunk, becoming Sweet Lady Jane. The difference between how Jane imagines it and what really happens is hilarious. Xo ends up making a fool of Jane again, so Jane yells at her and tells her that she is why she is a control freak.

Lina tells Jane that she feels lost, and Jane offers to help her make a list, which is a perfect Jane solution. Xo goes to Alba, and tells her that she messed up. Jane tells Michael that she feels safe with him, she doesn't have to take care of everyone with him, this moment is really sweet. Xo goes to Jane the next morning to apologize, but she doesn't take the apology this time. It turns out that brown-haired, bus-taking Petra isn't really Petra, but her long-lost sister. This explains why more time wasn't spent on the story at least.

This wasn't a perfect episode, but it was still a really good one.

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