Fresh Off the Boat S2E20 Review

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This episode of many flashbacks shows how Jessica and Louis met and how they picked their American names.

S2E20 "Hi, My Name Is..."

At the start of the episode, Jessica and Louis need a new toaster, and the bank gives them a free toaster whenever they open a new account. Evan gets to be the one to open a new account, which he is hilariously excited about. There is also a really funny joke about how he is Jessica's favorite. At the bank, he finds out that his name was picked randomly, and Jessica gives the account of how she got the name Jessica. There are many funny parts of this, such as how she claims "all white people look the same" and puts Honey in her story. The act ends with a hilarious joke where Jessica claims not to know Grandma Huang.

Louis tells Evan how they chose the names for Emory and Eddie, though this contradicts the earlier fact that Louis wanted a daughter named Emily. Louis tells the story of his name, which includes his meeting Jessica. Louis took his name from a cool guy he met, and there is a funny fight between the two of them for the name after he tells Jessica that's his name.

Eddie tells Evan he can choose a name that the streets give him. He has a fantasy of what his life will be like when he becomes a business mogul with a new name, and it is hilarious. In his fantasy, Shaquille O'Neal is the president. Evan talks to Grandma Huang, and there is a hilarious joke about how her American name, Jenny, involves a story of crime. She tells him that his name doesn't choose him, he chooses his name. Evan finally signs his name. The signature is illegible, and Jessica calls it the signature of a doctor, because he will be Doctor Huang.

This was a great episode. The flashbacks provided some great stories.

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