iZombie S2E17 Review

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Next week is the two-hour season finale of iZombie! I am so excited! And that means that in these last three episodes, a lot is going to happen, so let's jump right in to episode 17.

S2E17 "Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be"

At the start of the episode, two candidates for student senate at a university are on a radio program. Meanwhile, Major is completely honest with Ravi, and Liv looks for Drake. (Also, the themesong was cut short, and if this is permanent I am going to be really angry, because I love "Stop, I'm Already Dead" and I love what they did with the title sequence.) Don E has tricked Blaine into thinking that he works for Don E. Two college students discover a dead body in the pool, one of the candidates.

Major is on optimist brain, which is really funny. Ravi, Liv, and Clive go to work, and the candidate's friend is convinced that the other candidate killed her. Liv is nervous about eating this brain, because she used to be a lot like this girl. She does, however. It is revealed that Rita was kidnapped by her father. I wonder where this is heading.

Vaughn is now going to look for a cure, it's his top priority, after the Super Max launch. Liv is going over-the-top at work, and she actually ends up opening up to Clive about Drake, which is a great moment. A student that Clive meets is confident that a detective killed the girl.

This student reveals that he dragged this girl into a bunch of mess, so Liv and Clive go to the detective, who later goes to Liv on her own, and she shares what's going on in the case. Meanwhile, Peyton goes to Blaine, so he looks for the morgue but instead runs into Clive and his FBI girlfriend, who had just asked him to apply for the FBI.

Ravi explains to Blaine what has happened and what he has done, which is really interesting. Major brings Ravi a plan to see if Blaine's memory loss is real, he will scratch Vaughn and use it on him. Liv has a vision, revealing that the student who worked at the snack place sold utopium. The other detective gets there first, however, puts him in handcuffs, and gets knocked out by one of Blaine's workers, who then kills the guy.

Liv and Clive solve the murder, though the murderer is now dead. The FBI discovers that Major is the Chaos Killer due to the woman from the dog place. His plans with Vaughn don't work out, and he gets arrested. What a crazy ending!

I really like what this episode did with the relationship between Liv and Clive. And that ending, wow! I have no idea what will happen next. What will season three look like? Clive may be headed to the FBI, Major is currently headed to jail. This was a great episode.

What did you think of "Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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