The Middle S7E21 Review

Spring has come to Orson, Indiana, and Frankie hopes to enjoy it.

S7E21 "The Lanai"

Frankie is excited about the first warm day of the year, and it is really funny how over-the-top she is. However, they get new neighbors, with three kids, and more on the way. Sue and her roommate get number 4 in the dorm lottery, and they get really excited about moving into a room they really want. It's really hilarious that the thing they are most excited about is the six outlets.

Frankie decides to talk to the new neighbor, despite Mike's hilarious line advising her not to. She makes up some hilarious facts to convince the neighbor to keep her kids inside. Sue and her roommate look at the room they plan to take, and discover that one of the girls who lives there has a fatigue syndrome, so Sue, being Sue, decides to switch numbers with them. Axl and Hutch's new sandwich business is going well, until Kenny quits.

Sue and her roommate discover that the girl doesn't actually have a fatigue syndrome. Axl and Hutch get creative to keep their business up, and it is really funny. Frankie continues to get annoyed by her neighbors, despite her attempts to use her lanai. Sue and her roommate confront the girls, but discover that the one has a twin. Frankie finds a solution to her problem, when the kids complain that they want cookies, she throws some over the fence, which is hilarious.

There were many funny moments, mostly from Frankie, throughout the episode. It was a really good episode.

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