Mom S3E18 Review

Now that Bonnie is dating Adam, their hilarious chemistry will continue in upcoming episodes.

S3E18 "Beast Mode and Old People Kissing"

At the start of the episode Bonnie and Adam plan a short vacation, and there are some great jokes, such as how Bonnie uses his wheelchair, and Christy saying "oh, cute, old people kissing".

At a meeting, a guy shares, and the group realizes that this is Jodi's old boyfriend. Later, they discuss what to do about him. Christy and Bonnie want to hurt him, but Marjorie, Jill, and Wendy feel that since he has come for help, they need to help him. One of the many great jokes in this scene is when Bonnie asks Marjorie why she doesn't hate, and Marjorie says she does when Bonnie opens her mouth. At the next meeting, Christy sees the guy, and she can't resist yelling at him about Jodi. She then feels badly about it, and her pain can be felt.

Adam comes to AA with Bonnie, and he doesn't like it. He wants to criticize everyone, and there is a hilarious joke where Jill says she wants to adopt a Chinese baby. Marjorie tries to convince Christy to apologize to Jodi's ex, but it is Bonnie who convinces her when she says that she is proud of her. Christy's apology is a great scene. Bonnie explains to Adam how important AA is to her by showing him a video of what she was like before getting sober.

At the end of the episode, the girls and Travis meet at the coffee shop, and he tells them what he had heard about them from Jodi. Jill takes credit as being the smart one, even though that's actually Marjorie, and the episode ends on a serious note when he says he wished Jodi had listened to Christy about not going out with him.

This was a great episode. There were some really serious moments with the Travis storyline and some hilarious ones throughout.

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