The 100 S3E13 Review

Hulu episode descriptions are often vague, but this week's is especially vague: "Clarke is on a mission that could change everything."

S3E13 "Join or Die"

Kane and Pike have finally reached Polis, and it is a grave site, everything gray except for the blood on the ground. Jaha tells them both to take the key, but they both refuse. In a flashback, Jaha, Abby, and Kane tell Pike that he is to teach the juveniles an earth skills class. The flashback doesn't seem to have much point right now, but maybe the flashbacks to come in the episode will provide a purpose. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper show up at the village, which is a scene that looks so Pacific Northwest, not Virginia. The village, however, has been abandoned.

In flashback, the kids do not take Pike's class seriously, as they have no idea that they will end up needing these skills. In the real story, Pike is brought to the prison where Murphy, Indra, and the others are. Because Pike killed 300 of Indra's people, she will give him 300 cuts. Octavia and Bellamy continue to fight, and then the group discovers that they are to contact Luna through signal fire. Abby poses as another prisoner, and tries to figure out from Kane where Clarke is, as ALIE coaches her. However, Kane figures out that Abby has taken the key. So, they torture Kane.

Clarke talks to Bellamy, and then the group gets attacked by a group of grounders coming from the water. Octavia talks to them, and they have them all drink something, because Octavia trusts Lincoln. In flashback, Pike asks Jaha to go with the kids or at least tell them what's going to happen. In the class, Pike intentionally starts a fight to prepare the class. In the story, Indra prepares to kill Pike, but Murphy encourages her not to. She eventually decides to postpone her revenge, so that they can fight against the real enemy. Indra's pain can really be felt, as she has waited so long for revenge, and it seems to her that the scales are never balanced.

In another flashback, the prisoners are taken onto the dropship. Jasper is concerned with finding Monty, which is really funny. Abby doesn't even really get to say goodbye to Clarke, as she is unconscious. These flashbacks provided little to the week's story, they only really filled time. Kane is persuaded to take the key in a similar way that Abby was, with this time Abby being the one whose life is at risk. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper awake. They meet Luna, and Clarke tries to convince her to take the flame, but she refuses. It is then revealed that they are in the middle of the ocean.

There were some good moments, but this was really just another weak episode. Overall, it was mediocre.

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