Mom S3E16 Review

Christy is Jill's personal assistant this week, which is sure to be funny.

S3E16 "Cornflakes and the Hair of Three Men"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie tells Christy that she needs to go to the dentist, and Christy tells Bonnie that she got laid off because the restaurant will be going through renovations, so there will be no income for six weeks.

Christy and Bonnie meet with Jill, Wendy, and Marjorie, and they talk about their lack of an income, so Jill hires Christy as her personal assistant. Later, Bonnie gets a phone call from a guy who was given the wrong number by a girl, and they start talking, and it is hilarious. Christy loves her job, as Jill buys her clothes and does other things like that. Christy thinks that Bonnie talking to this guy is weird, and it is funny when it gets weird.

Christy brings condoms to Jill, who is having sex with a famous person. Christy hilariously wants to know who it is, but Jill won't tell her. After being pushed by Christy, Bonnie decides to meet the guy. Christy discovers that Jill's famous guy is married, and there is a hilarious joke about how he has kids but they are terrible. Jill really actually loves this guy, and is afraid to lose him. Bonnie waits for her guy, and he shows up in a wheelchair and looks in the window, but when he sees her he gives up. This is incredibly sad.

Jill is upset because her celebrity guy broke up with her, and there are some really funny jokes in this. When Bonnie gets there, it is revealed that Bonnie knows who it is, and this results in a hilarious reaction from Christy.

This episode wasn't very funny in the first couple of scenes, but it got better. Overall, it was a really good episode.

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