Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E21 Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting serialized near the end of its season. What'll happen next?

S3E21 "Maximum Security"

At the start of the episode, Terry, Jake, and Rosa all think they are in the right place for their secret meeting, but when they realize Amy isn't there, and then Hitchcock and Scully show up, they hilariously know they are in the wrong place. At the actual meeting, they reveal that they need someone to go undercover in a women's prison, and the obvious choice is Rosa. Holt, Terry, and Gina execute a plan to make Adrian officially dead. They take pictures of Hitchcock as the corpse, Gina signs the papers, which she has a hilarious comment about, and they hilariously get Amy to notarize it, violating an oath she took. Rosa is recognized in prison, so Amy is chosen.

Amy is trained to go undercover, and it is hilarious because she is not the criminal type. The others prepare for a funeral, and Rosa hilariously can't grieve, while Holt is hilariously bad at small talk. Jake and Charles watch on video what Amy does, and it goes well for her at first, but then she ends up in conflict with the woman they are investigating.

Jake and Charles keep calling Amy in, which she gets annoyed about, and Jake eventually agrees to let her do her thing. At the funeral, Holt thinks he may have found the person they are looking for, but he turns out just to be a pickpocket. Jake plans on not interfering, but when Amy gets aggressive, he gets worried. Jake gets Amy out of the situation, and the scene gets serious, as he cares about her too much. Amy comes up with a plan, where she beats up Jake in front of the other prisoners. Rosa gives a eulogy, and it actually gets emotional for her. The prisoner woman asks Amy to work for her.

This was a really good episode. There were some great moments, such as a couple of good Texas jokes, and Holt's team executing their plan.

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