Fresh Off the Boat S2E19 Review

Jessica doesn't know what to do when the season of Melrose Place ends, so her life turns into Jessica Place.

S2E19 "Jessica Place"

At the start of the episode, Jessica and her friends are watching Melrose Place. Jessica is hilariously angry that the season is over. She is depressed, and this is really funny. Evan prepares for a meeting, which is really funny. Jessica decides to get a pool, but Evan tells her she will get fined, so she brings it to the meeting, and her friends vote it down.

Honey tells Jessica that the "friend" has secrets, so Jessica and Honey spy on her, which is really funny. Eddie is concerned about Emory's earlier outburst, and he ends up getting Emory to express everything he is angry about. The drama heats up with Jessica and Honey, which is hilarious. It gets even better when it is revealed that Honey and Evan are working together.

Louis is upset about how Emory insulted his vest. Jessica learns that she is getting played, and the drama of it is so funny. Jessica confronts Honey and Evan, and it is hilarious when she recounts what happened. Jessica is excited that she lived out Melrose Place, and Honey reveals that she didn't want Jessica to turn against her.

This was a great episode. The mock-drama was hilarious.

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