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Things get strange this week on The 100...

S3E12 "Demons"

The episode starts with Miller telling the other two a ghost story. He leaves the cave, and when the others hear a noise, Miller's boyfriend goes to find him. Then, Harper follows, and discovers that they weren't just joking around. This has got to be the stupidest scene from The 100 ever. The rest go to meet this group, but can't contact them. They go to Arkadia, which is completely abandoned now. The person that attacked the other group finds Jasper and Octavia, and attacks.

Raven and Sinclair discover how to access the AI, but Clarke tells Raven that if she were to accept it, she would die. Clarke and Monty follow the sound of creepy music and end up getting gassed, but Clarke fights back, and discovers that this other person is Emerson, the last mountain man. The scenes with Murphy and his girlfriend are really boring. Emerson cuts the power, and The 100 continues to try to act like a horror movie. Sinclair is injured, and Raven tries to save him, but she gets attacked as well, leaving only Clarke and Bellamy.

Sinclair has been killed, as this season has been relentless. Clarke offers herself to Emerson in return for the release of the others. Bellamy brings Clarke a better plan, she can distract Emerson, and he will kill him. Jaha shows up, and reveals that Murphy's girlfriend has been working for him. He gives Ontari the key, and encourages her to take it. The 100 finally starts to feel like The 100 when Emerson takes Bellamy, puts him in the airlock, and attempts to kill all of them and make Clarke watch. She fights back, and injects the AI into him, killing him.

Octavia finally gets to mourn over Lincoln, and it is a very emotional moment. She gives him a grounder funeral, and then Octavia is quickly back to work. It was a short time that she spent grieving, but an important one. Raven decides to stay behind because she is injured and she remembered that ALIE got into the main frame of the Ark. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper leave, while the others stay behind. ALIE is now in charge of Polis, and prepares to turn it into the City of Light.

The episode finally got good near the end, but for most of the episode it was very weak. Overall, it was mediocre.

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