Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E22 Review


Next week is the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

S3E22 "Bureau"

At the start there is a hilarious joke about Holt substituting the letters in the name Pimento with numbers and then squaring them. Holt meets with an FBI agent who is just like him, and it is hilarious. Terry tells Gina that there is a leak in the nine-nine, and she points out how stupid Hitchcock and Scully are. Jake figures out who the FBI agent with the scar on his hand is, and then the team of him, Gina, Holt, and Holt's FBI agent friend plan to break into the FBI.

Jake and his team work on their plan, and there is a hilarious joke about lint. Charles meets with the woman in prison, and she is attracted to him, which is really funny. Hitchcock and Scully hilarious make Terry realize that they don't even know the numbers leaked. Jake's team prepares, by him learning to do a pull up, Rosa doing yoga, and Gina hilariously teaching Holt about Sex and the City. They also debate about how to say the phrase "Let's break into the FBI!" excitedly, which is hilarious.

Holt hilariously talks Sex and the City with the security guard, as Rosa and Jake execute the plan. This is wonderful and hilarious. Charles gets a call from Genevieve while the prisoner is in his office, and Gina gets angry at Terry when he says she may have been the leak, which has a great Gina reaction. Jake's team discovers that one of the people they are going after seems to be dead, but still has a pulse.

They discover that the guy should be out of a coma soon, so then Holt and his friend can interrogate him. Terry discovers that he was the leak, as he posted a picture with the numbers in the background. Amy gets the other prisoner to open up to her, and she discovers the name of the other person behind the crime. She calls Jake, who knows that this person is Holt's friend, who is now planning to kill Holt. What a cliffhanger!

This was a really good episode. It had some great funny moments, especially with Gina and with Holt, and a great cliffhanger.

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