The 100 S3E10 Review

After last week's tragic death on The 100, things must carry on, as they always do, rarely leaving characters with proper time to mourn.

S3E10 "Fallen"

At the start of the episode, Octavia, Kane, and Sinclair show up where Bellamy is. He asks where Lincoln is, and after Octavia tells him what happened, he apologizes and she beats him up. It is a really emotional scene, and especially great when Bellamy tells the others not to stop her. Murphy helps out Ontari, and it is a really great Murphy scene. Raven tries to get ALIE out of her head, but that isn't working out well. Monty's mom tells him that Pike knows, and that he needs to leave. It is especially sad because they can't make it look like a goodbye. This is a great scene. Kane and his crew prepare to meet Monty to help him out.

Jaha, ALIE, and their group meet, and they discuss what to do about Raven. Meanwhile, Raven gets angry with ALIE and starts yelling at her. ALIE then lets Raven have her memories back. Raven starts screaming and freaking out. Excellent performance by Lindsey Morgan. Raven stops screaming, and then sits up. ALIE is now controlling her. Lindsey Morgan's excellent acting continues through this.

Murphy offers to help Ontari pull off a scam. Jaha and his team destroy the remaining wristbands. I'm not sure why there are any of them left. Pike found Monty, and his people end up overpowering Kane and his. Bellamy tells Pike where the others are, going back to his side. Pike makes Bellamy the same deal regarding Octavia that he made with Monty's mom. ALIE cuts Raven's arms, which will lead to her bleeding to death unless Abby takes the key to the City of Light. Abby eventually takes it. Bellamy leads Pike to the blockade. Octavia calls on the grounders to take Pike, and Kane goes with them to Polis to meet with the new commander, despite not knowing who it is.

Ontari undresses in front of a chained again Murphy, and threatens him that if he doesn't have sex with her, he will die. He has a hilarious line in response to this. Jasper finds Raven, puts her to sleep, and takes her. He drives through the gate, and almost runs into Clarke outside it. She gets into the car, and they escape. The ending is haunting, and what has happened in Arkadia in this episode is really interesting. ALIE is in charge now.

This was a great episode, especially the ending and the acting performances. Bob Morley, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsey Morgan, and Richard Harmon were all excellent.

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