Mom S4E17 Review

This week, Jill's dreams of being a foster mother may be coming true.

S4E17 "Black Mold and an Old Hot Dog"

The episode begins at an AA meeting. It starts with Bonnie talking about how the people in her building don't like her, which is very funny, and then Jill's share is more serious, about how she will find out later that day if she will be a foster mother. Through all of this, it is very funny when everyone impersonates Marjorie, and Marjorie wonders if she sounds like that. Christy goes with Jill, and it's funny when she goes to yell at the person who told Jill she can't be a foster mother, and Jill redirects her to the right person.

Jill gets a call, and discovers that the case worker changed her mind, and that there is a fourteen year old girl for her. Jill is nervous to meet this girl, which leads to a lot of funny moments, such as when Jill tries a hat out and when she compares the girl's post-apocalyptic graphic novel to Archie comics. Jill believes that she blew it, but she gets a call that the girl picked here. There are some hilarious moments when Jill says some things that don't sound exactly right, and especially when Bonnie compares the dropping off of the girl at Jill's house to Amazon Prime.

Christy visits Jill, and she ends up getting along well with the girl. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to win over the people in the building, particularly a blind man, offering banana bread and a back rub, which is very entertaining. Jill is worried because she thinks that people who don't like her at first won't like her ever, but Christy says that she didn't like Jill at first. It is a really sweet moment when Christy admits to the girl that she doesn't know what she's doing, and the girl says she's doing okay. At the end of the episode, Bonnie celebrates being on probation, because it could have gone worse.

This was a great episode. Each minute was filled with great jokes, and there was a really sweet ending. Also, it presented a realistic problem with Bonnie's job, and a potential solution if Christy and Bonnie end up getting kicked out.

Score: 10/10

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