Summer Renew/Cancel Returns to The TV Ratings Guide on Friday, May 20

While we are still waiting for ABC to announce their summer premiere dates and for NBC to fill the remaining holes in their summer schedule, we have another important premiere date for you. Summer renew/cancel will return for a second "season" this May. The episode order in uncertain at this time, but it is rumored that it will run for 18 weeks.

In its first year, Hunter's record was 13-5, missing the renewals of Wayward Pines, Mistresses, and the shocking renewal of Aquarius and the cancelations of Mr. Robinson and the shocking cancelation of Under the Dome.

The first installment will focus on FOX's Houdini and Doyle, which premieres on May 5 and will have aired 3 episodes at the time. It will also discuss upcoming premieres, and any shows with late premieres not renewed at upfronts, if applicable. Last season, A.D.: The Bible Continues and American Odyssey became considered summer shows after their fates remained undetermined following NBC's upfronts. This year, NBC's Game of Silence and the CW's Containment premiere in April. I expect both to be renewed or canceled by upfronts, but if they are not they become summer shows.

As of the writing of this article, complete summer schedules are unknown. However, the following have all been confirmed to air in summer 2016: Famous, Houdini and Doyle, BrainDead, Zoo, Wayward Pines, American Gothic, The Night Shift, Beauty and the Beast. Additionally, the following are suspected but not confirmed to air in summer 2016: Mistresses, Secrets & Lies, Uncle Buck, Aquarius.

The format of summer renew/cancel will remain largely unchanged from 2015, only adding the ranges of ratings, as was added in the final predictions last September. There will be five main categories ("certain to be canceled", "likely to be canceled", "toss-up", "likely to be renewed", "certain to be renewed") along with the categories of "fate determined" and "yet to premiere". Expect summer renew/cancel posts to be posted on Fridays following the release of the Thursday final ratings, like last year.

Summer renew/cancel, as far as we know, is a feature unique to The TV Ratings Guide, so spread the word that it returns for 2016 on May 20!

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