The Middle S7E20 Review

This week, Frankie ends up in conflict with Sue, and Mike ends up in conflict with Axl.

S7E20 "Survey Says..."

At the start of the episode, Brick remembers that he needs graph paper when Frankie gets home, and remembers because of her getting home, which results in a hilarious dispute over whose fault it is. Meanwhile, Axl tells Mike that he is thinking of quitting football. Frankie calls Sue, and she has some hilarious lines about being in a house with all men. When she goes to the college for lunch with Sue the next day, she meets her new boyfriend, the tree guy.

Brick is hilariously excited about being chosen for a survey. Mike realizes Axl is serious about not doing football, and he tells him other ways his tuition can be covered. Brick takes his survey very seriously, and this is one of the best Brick scenes ever. It is completely hilarious. Frankie gets annoyed by Sue and her boyfriend, and she ends up getting into an argument with Sue.

Brick has a crisis when he realizes he gave the graph paper a higher rating than it deserves, and this is hilarious. Mike still won't accept that Axl doesn't want to play football. Mike and Frankie go to the bar together and discuss their college kids. Brick hilariously steps down from being a reviewer, another wonderful Brick scene. Frankie and Mike, very drunk, continue to discuss Sue and Axl. The next morning they discover that Axl has driven them home, and he says he will play football next year. Sue apologizes to Frankie, and Frankie tells her that she knows how to care the right amount.

This was a great episode. Brick was especially funny.

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