Life in Pieces Season 1 Finale Review

Life in Pieces finished its first season with two new episodes on Thursday. I have now returned from vacation and got the chance to watch the season finale.

S1E21 "Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie"

In the first story, Tim wears a Cinderella dress so that his basketball team does well, which is hilarious. I loved a line John had after Tim ripped the dress and said that now he looked silly. There were many other great moments, such as when a man dressed as Prince Charming helps Tim change a tire.

In the second story, Greg has to be the first to sign a birthday card, and he doesn't know what to do. He imagines the possible outcomes, and the bad one is hilarious. The annoying voice of the woman who gives him the card causes him to come up with an idea for a baby monitor that turns the crying into music.

In the third story, Heather and Tim prepare Tyler for prom, and this is hilarious. Tim helps him put things on, and Heather gives him a bunch of condoms, which is hilarious. Joan and John show up, and Joan tries to help with what Heather is doing, and hilariously asks John to get a banana. John tries to use puppets to help Tyler, which is also hilarious. Tyler goes to prom, but discovers his girlfriend wants to wait until marriage to have sex, so he asks her to marry him.

In the forth story, Jen sets Matt up on a date after she realizes how attached to Colleen he still is. This becomes hilarious when the she ends up getting him set up with a girl she wasn't trying to get him set up with. The date goes poorly, which is hilarious. Joan and Jen tell Matt he needs to get over Colleen, so he returns her things, and they end up kissing.

S1E22 "Crytunes Divorce Tablet Ring"

In the fifth story, Greg introduces his new idea of CryTunes to Jen. However, his boss tells him that it is a conflict of interest for him to crowdfund his own idea. Meanwhile, Jen discovers that she's pregnant, which I totally saw coming when the scene started. CryTunes does well, so Greg quits his job to focus on that.

In the sixth story, John and Joan congratulate their lesbian friends on their upcoming wedding, and Heather discovers that John and Joan got divorced in 1980 because their friends couldn't get married. Heather's reaction to this is hilarious, and she tells Matt and Greg, who also have hilarious reactions.

In the seventh story, Heather and Tim discover that they forgot a ceremony for Samantha, so they give her a tablet when she gets home. Sophia hilariously gives them a list of things they missed of hers. Heather and Tim take away the tablet to be good parents, but tell Samantha that they will take her and her friends to dinner. But, they remember they had plans, so they hilariously give her back the tablet.

In the eighth story, Matt plans to propose to Colleen, which Sophia hilariously overhears. Before his plan can put into action, however, John proposes to Joan, Heather realizes that Jen is pregnant, and Tyler comes in, married to his girlfriend. All of these are funny, especially Heather's realization. Matt takes Colleen into the bathroom and proposes to her there, which is funny, and Sophia hilariously leaves as they kiss, worried it will go farther.

All four stories of "Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie" were great. It was the best episode of the season. The first story of "Crytunes Divorce Tablet Ring" was mediocre, but the other three stories were great. Overall, it was a really good episode. This hour was a great end to the season.

What did you think of "Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie" and "Crytunes Divorce Tablet Ring"? What are your hopes for season two (as The TV Ratings Guide does predict a certain renewal for Life in Pieces)? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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