Mom S3E17 Review

After last week when Bonnie was stood up on her date, she may give the guy a second chance.

S3E17 "Caperberries and a Glass Eye"

At the start of the episode, Christy and Bonnie are watching TV, and Christy hilariously pays no attention to the plot. Bonnie eventually admits that Adam stood her up. He keeps calling her, so Christy takes her phone and calls him. Bonnie eventually agrees to go on another date with him after he reveals the reason for standing her up.

Bonnie tells Jill, Marjorie, and Wendy about Adam, and there are some funny lines, especially when she shows them a picture of him. Adam meets Bonnie for their date, and Christy is especially funny in this scene. They go on the date, and they really get along well. Bonnie gets home, and the girls are all waiting for her to find out how the date went, which is pretty funny.

Christy finds out that one of her co-workers dated Adam, and it turns out that he cheated on her, and then cheated on that woman. After inconsistent responses from her friends on whether or not she should tell Bonnie, Christy eventually does. Bonnie brings this up to Adam, who explains that he did that back then to prove to himself he was still a man, and offers to prove that he's changed. There are hilarious moments in this, especially the part with the board games.

This was a great episode. Everyone had some great lines in it.

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