Modern Family S7E19 Review

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This week, Claire hides a dog from Phil, Jay must make a new friend, and Cam and Mitch get new neighbors.

S7E19 "Man Shouldn't Lie"

At the start of the episode, Claire sees a dog in the road, Gloria tells Jay that she invited another couple to their night, and Cam and Mitch have a new upstairs neighbor that is a rock band. This is a Christian rock band, and Cam and Mitch are sure that one of the members is gay. Claire brings the dog home, but can't let Phil know about it because he will get attached. There is a funny remark comparing this to Luke. Jay discovers that the new friend is cool, but can't let Gloria know he thinks that, because then she will try to get him to try new things, and he gives a funny example of movies where women talk about how they feel about things.

Mitch tries to convince Cam that the band member is crying out for help. They talk to him, and he says that his secret is he doesn't want to be in the band anymore. Jay really likes his new friend, but can't let Gloria know that. Claire is pretty funny when she tries to keep Phil from seeing the dog, though this scene pointed out how overused this sort of storyline is.

Cam offers to be the drummer for the band now that theirs has run off. There is a pretty funny scene where the dog knocks over the flowers, and Haley asks Phil what he thinks happened. Claire eventually shows the dog to Phil, and he knows who it belongs to. Jay's new friend offers to take him to somewhere cool for the weekend, so he comes up with a lie for Gloria, but she knows him well enough to know his lie. Also, she hilariously tells him that they are going to try new food and go to a movie about women's feelings. Cam plays with the band, but it becomes awkward when their song is very anti-gay. He hilariously creates lyrics and sings them.

While two of the storylines weren't all that original, great performances made them interesting to watch. Overall, it was a good episode.

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