Superior Donuts S1E12 Review

This week's episode has to do with Franco's dream of being an artist.

S1E12 "Art for Art's Sake"

At the start of the episode, Franco brings a couple of his paintings in to Superior Donuts, and he is encouraged to bring his art to a gallery. There is also a really funny joke when Fawz gets trapped by the paintings, and he says that the wall is supposed to keep the "good ones" like him in. However, the woman at the gallery says that he needs to be in an art show to get into her art show. After Franco tells everyone at Superior Donuts about what the woman at the gallery said, they decide to do an art show for him at Superior Donuts.

Franco's dad shows up, but Franco is annoyed when his dad refers to his art as a hobby. So, Franco attempts to sell one of his paintings. Meanwhile, Franco's friends go to the gallery to try to get the woman to come to Superior Donuts. First, Fawz and Tush are mistaken for a gay couple, and then Randy, James, and the woman all pull out their phones and take video, which is hilarious. There is a great moment when Arthur calls out Franco's dad for not supporting him, and the episode has a nice ending when the woman from the gallery says that Franco has a path. The episode ends with a hilarious joke when Fawz explains why Franco is likely to die young.

The story aspect of this episode was very strong. On the comedy front, there were a few stand-out funny moments, but beyond that few good jokes.

Score: 9/10

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