Modern Family S8E20 Review

Modern Family returns this week after about a month off, and Niecy Nash guest stars.

S8E20 "All Things Being Equal"

Phil and Jay are working on their parking lot, and they have two candidates they are considering to man the booth. One candidate is played by the hilarious Niecy Nash, and she does not disappoint here. Phil hires her, and the customers love her. However, she is too talkative, so Jay fires her. Phil brings her back to save the day when things go wrong, and she diagnoses the problems in their partnership. This story worked very well because it relied on the relationship between Phil and Jay, who don't see eye-to-eye, and utilized Niecy Nash well.

The women in the family head to a women's march, but they get a flat tire. Lily, Alex, and Claire want to change the tire, but Haley and Gloria just want to call someone. A woman shows up who offers to change the tire, and there are some funny moments here, particularly with Haley, but then Meanwhile, Luke and Manny attend the rally, and Luke meets a girl he likes, but at the end she says that she will remain celibate until women have equal rights.

Mitch is helping out with Pam and the baby, and doing a great job. This makes Cam jealous, who wishes that the baby liked him better. Cam's obsession here is very annoying, but it's the kind of thing we have gotten used to seeing from Cam recently. Mitch reveals how he liked being the super-dad, since he wasn't with Lily, although I don't recall that actually being the case back when Lily was little.

The Phil and Jay story worked very well, and I want Niecy Nash to show up in this show more often. The stories with the women and with Mitch and Cam weren't that strong, and felt like they had a message that was tacked onto the end of them that didn't feel really sincere. Luke and Manny were entertaining for their small part of the episode.

Score: 7/10

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