List of New Shows by Their Facebook Likes (UPDATED)

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*UPDATED ON 9/20/15


As the theratingsjunkie said in his article, "List of New Shows by Their Twitter Followers," the amount of Twitter followers aren't always directly coordinated to how popular a show will become. However, it is a good indication of how a show will do in the younger A 18-34 demographic. Facebook, on the other hand, might give us a better indication of how a show will do in the A 18-49 demographic since its users tend to be, on average, slightly older than the users of Twitter. I thought it would be fun to see if I could find any differences between the amount of Twitter Followers and the amount of Facebook Likes each new show has.

*SHOW: (# of likes on 8/22/15) ... (# of likes on 9/20/15) [(Change)]


1. The Muppets: 125K ... 871K (+746K)
2. Quantico: 73K ... 321K (+248K)
3. Blood & Oil: 48K ... 274K (+226K)
4. Dr. Ken: 14K ... 63K (+49K)
5. Wicked City: 6K ... 8K (+2K)


1. Supergirl: 206K ... 246K (+40K)
2. Limitless: 13K ... 28K (+15K)
3. Code Black: 9.2K ... 16K (+6.8K)
4. Life in Pieces: 4.5K ... 13K (+8.5K)
5. Angel From Hell: 9.2K ... 9.8K (+0.6K)


1. Scream Queens: 332K ... 452K (+120K)
2. Grandfathered: 113K ... 147K (+34K)
3. Minority Report: 89K ... 97K (+8K)
4. The Grinder: 50K ... 68K (+18K)
5. Rosewood: 5K ... 26K (21K)


1. Heroes Reborn: 3.7M ... 3.9M (+200K)
2. Best Time Ever: 22K ... 142K (+120K)
3. Chicago Med: 93K ... 106K (+13K)
4. Blindspot: 38K ... 100K (+62K)
5. The Player: 36K ... 95K (+59K)
6. Truth Be Told: 1.3K ... 2K (+0.7K)

The CW

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 3.6K ... 4.9K (+1.3K)

Full List

1. Heroes Reborn: 3.9M (NBC)
2. The Muppets: 871K (ABC)
3. Scream Queens: 452K (FOX)
4. Quantico: 321K (ABC)
5. Blood & Oil: 274K (ABC)
6. Supergirl: 246K (CBS)
7. Grandfathered: 147K (FOX)
8. Best Time Ever: 142K (NBC)
9. Chicago Med: 106K (NBC)
10. Blindspot: 100K (NBC)
11. Minority Report: 97K (FOX)
12. The Player: 95K (NBC)
13. The Grinder: 68K (FOX)
14. Dr. Ken: 63K (ABC)
15. Limitless: 28K (CBS)
16. Rosewood: 26K (FOX)
17. Code Black: 16K (CBS)
18. Life in Pieces: 13K (CBS)
19. Angel From Hell: 9.8K (CBS)
20. Wicked City: 8K (ABC)
21. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: 4.9K (The CW)
22. Truth Be Told: 2K (NBC)

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