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I'm back again! Last week, I enjoyed the episode but questioned the format used, wondering if it would feel like we didn't get any full stories. In episode two of Life in Pieces, "Interruptus Date Breast Movin'", Matt (son who lives with his parents) walks in on Joan and John (the parents) doing you know what, then Joan attempts to lead a group therapy session in the first story; in the second story Matt has an enjoyable bad date; Jen (wife of the other son, mother of new baby) hires a breast-feeding consultant in the third story; and in the forth story Heather (daughter, and mother of three) and Tim (her husband) move to a new home, but the moving company employs ex-cons. As you may be able to tell, the four words in the title are one-word titles for each of the stories. Now, let's get to reviewing!

S1E2 "Interruptus Date Breast Movin'"

In "Interruptus", Joan decides that the family needs to communicate more following Matt seeing her and John, so this results in a whole-family group therapy session. This was hilarious, as the rest of the family all really did not want to be there. There wasn't much of a story, but it was funny enough that it didn't matter.

In "Second Date", Matt's car won't start because it is old, but he told his date that he bought it vintage at an auction. He then at the date finds out that this was the day that she and Chad were supposed to get married. She couldn't get a refund because they canceled so late, so they went to the location to try to get a refund, and they said they were sure that the ballroom was going to be used, but it wasn't being used. They both realize that their lives are both disasters, and that's why Matt thinks that they are perfect for each other. I wonder if Matt's storyline over the course of the series is going to be mostly a romantic comedy, and it seems better than last year's shows that were romcoms.

In "Brest-Feeding", Jen is jealous of how other mothers are better at breast-feeding than her, so they go to a lactation specialist couple. This couple is very strange, and despite me being worried that this story would be full of terrible lines and easy but terrible humor, it was actually good. It told a full story in five minutes, and it was pretty funny.

In "Movin' Out", the family of five is moving, for no explained reason, and the moving company they hire only hires ex-cons to give them a fresh start. The movers are intended to be funny, but I really did not enjoy them. This story was not funny, and there was very little story that happened. I really disliked this story.

While I really liked the first three stories, the fourth one I did not like. The second and third stories were able to tell full enough stories in five minutes, something that I thought that the show might not be able to do. I do think that this would work better as an hour-long series, but this episode was pretty good, so maybe it will work.

What did you think of "Interruptus Date Breast Movin'"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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