Which Fall 2015 Series Will Be Renewed? (Competition)

The Ratings Junkie Sunday, September 06, 2015

It's time to play a game where we will guess which fall 2015 series will be renewed and which will be cancelled. Here are the rules:

  • There will be six categories as follows
    • Renewed
    • Cancelled, Limited Series
    • Cancelled, Pulled from the Schedule
    • Cancelled, No Backorder
    • Cancelled, Partial Backorder
    • Cancelled, Full Backorder
    •  Abstain
  • You will receive only one abstain per network, which is five total abstains. You do not have to use any or all of them 
  • You will gain 2 points if you correctly predict if it is renewed or cancelled
  • You will gain 1 point if you correctly predict the cancellation but not the backorder (i.e. if the show gets a partial backorder and you predict a full backorder)
  • You will lose 2 points if you incorrectly predict its renewal or cancellation 
The deadline for submission is Sunday, September 20 at midnight Eastern Time. Good luck!!

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