3 Reasons Why The Apple TV May Change the Streaming Business

Today, Apple announced an arguably much-needed revamp to its television box product, Apple TV. The box, which competes with devices such as Fire TV, Roku, and Chromecast in the television streaming share, is set to come with a touch remote, an App Store, and a Siri integration. The box will also come with features such as looking up weather, sports scores, and music. Now, most of this is nothing new to other box sets, especially Amazon's Fire TV. However, Apple has a large history of out-selling its opponents despite often including the features later. For example, it is said that in its first day alone the Apple Watch outsold Samsung Wear, a device with similar features from Samsung that was released in 2014. So how will this new Apple TV make a dent into the television industry?

  1. Firstly, a revamped, up-to-date Apple TV will inevitably mean that more people will be turning to streaming devices other than their computer or tablet.  
  2. The interface, as shown at Apple's event, appears to be very sleek, with minimal work taken to watch your favorite shows, and appears to have a very fast processing speed. The last thing a consumer wants is to have to wait for an extended period of time after pressing play for the show to actually start.
  3. As mentioned earlier, it's Apple! People across America seem to be very content with Apple and eager to purchase their new and updated products, even if such products are for the most part playing "catch-up" with other devices. Apple getting more involved in this business is big news to fans of streaming television on their television.
The TV will start at $149 for a 32G model and $199 for a 64G model, a figure that is much higher than its main competitors. But will people still buy it for a chance to cut the cord?

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