The Carmichael Show Season 1 Finale Review

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It's only the third week of The Carmichael Show, but as it was aired two episodes at a time and NBC only ordered six episodes for the comedy's first season, this week will be the last for now, or last completely if it isn't renewed (I am predicting that it will likely be renewed). So far, the show has been up and down, with two episodes that were good and two that were more mediocre, with one of those leaning towards bad. In these final two episodes of the season, Maxine finds out that Jerrod owns a gun in "Guns" and Maxine not saying "amen" results in conflict in "Prayer". Were "Guns" and "Prayer" good like "Pilot" and "Kale"?

S1E6 "Prayer"

This episode started with what was by far the show's funniest opening scene yet. The family is about to have dinner with their reverend, and Cynthia told Jerrod and Bobby to keep their sins to themselves. Of course, the first thing that Jerrod did when the reverend showed up was tell him that he and Maxine are living together.

The dinner got more uncomfortable for the Carmichaels, meaning funny for us viewers. Maxine made the dinner uncomfortable when she said she didn't say "amen". In the next scene, Joe continued to deliver a lot of funny lines. In the teaser there was the lines about lying, and in this scene there was even more funny lines that he delivered, like how he pictured God to be like the guy from the Allstate commercial. The scene also introduced the issue that Jerrod and Maxine had never discussed their religious beliefs.

In the next act, the first two scenes were mostly plot and not as many laughs, but it was still entertaining enough. Jerrod and Maxine felt very unsure of their relationship, and Jerrod went to the reverend where he discovered that his parents had trouble when they first got together because Joe wasn't religious. Jerrod confronted his parents, which resulted in another scene of hilarious Joe lines. The episode ended with a hilarious tag scene where Maxine teaches the Carmichaels to meditate and when Cynthia sneezed and Maxine said "God bless you." This was a very entertaining episode.

S1E5 "Guns"

This episode didn't start out as well as the previous one. While it wasn't very funny, though it tried with Jerrod claiming he was the leader of his and Maxine's relationship. It did however quickly introduce the episode's conflict. Maxine found Jerrod's gun, and she is very anti-gun. This resulted in a debate in the entire family where Joe revealed he also had a gun, which Cynthia was angry about. This debate included a few good laughs, such as how Joe hid his gun behind a picture of Jesus and the lines that Bobby's ex-wife said. Joe decided to stay with Jerrod because they wanted to keep their guns, and Maxine stayed with Cynthia. The plot was then advanced when Jerrod accidentally shot Joe in the foot.

Things weren't going much better with Cynthia and Maxine, when they hear someone break into the house. Joe then decided to lie about his foot injury, and when Joe and Jerrod went back to Joe and Cynthia's house, Joe prepares to shoot the intruder, but it turns out to be the ex-wife getting leftovers. This scene was very funny and had a great resolution, where Joe and Cynthia decided they were safer with a gun in the house and Jerrod and Maxine decided that they were safer without one. "Guns" wasn't as good of an episode as "Prayer", but it was still good.

I thought that "Guns" was a pretty good episode and "Prayer" was a really good episode. If The Carmichael Show returns for a second season, as I think it will, I am excited to see the episodes that the show provides us with.

What did you think of "Prayer" and "Guns"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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