The Goldbergs Season 2 Finale Review

Hello! For those of you who need a refresher, here's my review of the 2nd season finale of The Goldbergs:

This episode's main topic is love, the most overused cliche in the history of media. While most Goldbergs episodes do not follow a linear story, this one featured a scene which I believe may have effects leading into the 3rd season premiere. This episode starts off with future Adam talking about how his doting mother constantly tells her kids that she loves them while their dad has rarely ever said it. Like many episodes, the story can be broken into the different perspectives of each Goldberg sibling. Let's start off with Erica.

With Erica about to leave for some music program during the summer, Beverly wants Murray to tell Erica that he loves her. Unfortunately, it ends with Erica saying "thanks" instead of telling her dad she loves him too, which leads to Murray feeling slightly(?) heartbroken. As a result, Beverly, being the meddler of the family, decides to bribe Erica to tell her father he loves her. Unfortunately, Murray figures it out after Erica comes home sporting a new leather jacket and boots. This leads to a very odd but hurtful yelling competition where Murray and Erica keep yelling "I love you" to each other.
In the end, Erica lets Murray know that she sincerely loves him before leaving for the summer.

And now on to Barry, the one no one has any respect for.
Upon hearing that Adam decides to profess his love to Dana, Barry arrogantly tells Adam that its a bad idea and should insult her instead, to which Pops disagrees. Barry then ends up a hypocrite when he accidentally tells Lanie that he loves her. This makes Lanie very uncomfortable and she starts avoiding Barry. To try to get close to her, Barry becomes the new mascot and tries to win her over but she ends up breaking his heart before they all leave for a big game with the rival school. Feeling like he had nothing to lose, Barry decides to give himself up to the rival's die hard fans. Lanie, realising that this was a suicidal move tells Barry that she loves him too. This delights Barry but he still gives himself up to get beaten.

Lastly, we move to Adam, who initially was going to give Dana a letter in her locker, realises that Barry might be right after seeing how Lanie started avoiding Barry. Adam enlists the help of coach in getting the letter back but after seeing Barry get back together with Lanie, he rushes over to Dana's house and tells her in person. However, Dana says that her family is moving to Seattle permanently, leaving Adam devastated. But that doesnt mean he will be sad for long. The episode ends with future Adam saying that pain always fades, leaving us with good memories

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