Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions - September 11: Final Predictions Summer 2015

Hi! In case this is your first time reading my summer renew/cancel predictions posts, I'm Hunter, and I have been posting these predictions throughout this summer. Summer TV is coming to an end now, premiere week kicks off the regular season beginning September 21st, and after this week only two summer shows, Zoo and Significant Mother, have episodes of their current season still to air. That makes this the perfect week to end summer renew/cancel for this year. Renew/cancel will come back for the regular season very soon, and I will be writing these summer renew/cancel posts again next summer. Now, here are the summer shows divided into categories, and then my in-detail thoughts on the ten shows whose fates are undetermined, in order of shows that my prediction is most certain for to least certain for. Also, this week I have added something new to the format for predictions that I plan on adding regularly next summer where I include the season highs and lows, so please leave your feedback on that. Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Format for predictions:
Show title (network) (average adults 18-49 rating, season low-season high)

Certain to be Canceled
Dates (CW) (0.1, 0.1-0.2)
Extant (CBS) (0.7, 0.6-0.8)
Golan the Insatiable (FOX) (0.5, 0.4-0.6)
The Whispers (ABC) (0.8, 0.5-1.5)

Will Likely be Canceled
Mistresses (ABC) (0.7, 0.6-0.9)
Rookie Blue (ABC) (0.7, 0.5-0.8)
Significant Mother (CW) (0.2, 0.2-0.3)

Will Likely be Renewed
The Carmichael Show (NBC) (1.0, 0.9-1.2)
Mr. Robinson (NBC) (1.0, 0.9-1.2)

Certain to be Renewed
Zoo (CBS) (1.1, 1.0-1.2)

Fate Determined
A.D.: The Bible Continues (NBC) CANCELED
American Odyssey (NBC) CANCELED
Aquarius (NBC) RENEWED
The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC) CANCELED
Beauty and the Beast (CW) RENEWED
Under the Dome (CBS) CANCELED
Wayward Pines (FOX) CANCELED
Welcome to Sweden (NBC) CANCELED

Zoo: Throughout its first season, Zoo has been extremely consistent and has averaged the highest rating of CBS's summer dramas. When CBS picked up BrainDead for next summer, this proved that they believed that summer dramas were working well, and when Under the Dome was canceled, as Extant earned very poor ratings, it became obvious how very certain it was that Zoo will be renewed. Certain to be renewed.

The Whispers: Despite a very good rating of 1.5 for its premiere episode, The Whispers fell hard and fast. For a few weeks it stuck around the 0.8-1.0 range, and from there it fell even more, eventually reaching 0.5. To make matters even worse, ABC let the cast's contracts expire by not renewing the show before the end of June, and since then series star Lily Rabe has been cast in another TV series, so if The Whispers somehow was renewed, she could only be in a limited number of episodes. But, there's no need to worry about that, as the show is very, very dead. Certain to be canceled.

Golan the Insatiable: Even for a summer show, the 0.6 that Golan the Insatiable premiered to was very bad, and over the course of its six-episode run it ended up reaching a low of 0.4. Golan was originally a late-night 15-minute program, so maybe it was successful there and that's why FOX tried to make it into a primetime series, so who knows, it could end up back in late-night, but as far as a primetime series goes, it has no chance. Certain to be canceled.

Extant: Some have said that Under the Dome's surprise cancelation improved Extant's chances. However, when the series that averaged three-tenths lower than Under the Dome hit 0.6 while airing after Big Brother, it looked like show's chances were very slim. Certain to be canceled.

Dates: The CW for some reason decided to air a British show that lasted for one season this summer, and then after it got poor ratings, decided to order a pilot for an hour-long, American version of the show created by the same person. If the CW picks up that pilot to series, I will consider Dates to be renewed, but I do not see that happening. Certain to be canceled.

Significant Mother: After last year's failures of Backpackers and Seed, the CW decided again to make a half-hour comedy series this summer, and it got almost the same ratings as its predecessors, with an almost as strong lead-in. Am I certain about Significant Mother's fate? No, but close, it looks pretty dead. Will likely be canceled.

Rookie Blue: Nothing scripted on ABC did well this summer. ABC might however renew one of its four summer dramas, and Rookie Blue is likely very cheap for ABC to air, since it is a Canadian show. But, that 0.5 that it hit is very bad, so I doubt it will be back on ABC. Will likely be canceled.

The Carmichael Show: NBC's two summer comedies did decently, so I think that they will renew one or both. The Carmichael Show averaged slightly higher ratings than Mr. Robinson, unrounded based on ratings rounded to the tenth gives Carmichael 1.0333 and Robinson 1.0167, plus for The Carmichael Show its third episode if rounded to the hundredth is 1.25 but to the tenth it is 1.2. Also, The Carmichael Show got much more positive reviews than Mr. Robinson, so it would likely be more stable in a potential second season. Since most likely NBC will renew at least one of these comedies, and most likely if it was just one it would be The Carmichael Show, I think that it has a good shot at a second season. Will likely be renewed.

Mr. Robinson: For Mr. Robinson, it mostly just comes down to if NBC will renew both it and The Carmichael Show or not. It's a tough decision, but I think that since their season averages were so close, they won't just renew The Carmichael Show and leave Mr. Robinson behind. Will likely be renewed.

Mistresses: This is the one that most of the commenters disagree with me on, and it is also definitely the biggest toss-up of the summer. I would not be shocked one bit, not at all, if Mistresses was renewed. But is it really going to look that bad if ABC cancels all four of its summer dramas, and would it even be worth it to preserve one to look better with the ratings that Mistresses would likely get in its forth season? This show could so totally be renewed, but if I had to chose, I would bet against it. Will likely be canceled.

Thank you to everyone who read these posts throughout the summer! Be sure to read the renew/cancel posts during the regular season and do return to summer renew/cancel next summer!

Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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