Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 Premiere Review

Hi, I'm Hunter and I will be reviewing Fresh Off the Boat this season. I loved the first season of Fresh Off the Boat earlier this year and I thought it was the best new comedy since Go On in fall 2012. Constance Wu was hilarious as Jessica, and the rest of the family was great as well. It was one of the top two returning shows I have been looking forward to this fall, and I have been very excited for more of Fresh Off the Boat.

S2E1 "Family Business Trip"

In this episode, Eddie is desperate to have something cool to say he has done over the summer when 7th grade starts. He thought he had something great with new shoes that he buys, but as the summer goes on they become uncool, and now the summer is almost over and he has nothing. Jessica started off the new season hilarious as ever, and the tooth fairy note joke was hilarious. When Louis is going to go on a business trip and it is by Gator World and he is bringing things such as tennis balls and a swim suit. This makes Jessica think that it is a vacation, so she insists that it is now a family business trip.

Going on the trip resulted in a lot of classic Jessica moments. She did not want to pay for any extra charges, and she wanted to get her money's worth out of everything. When she found out how much Gator World cost, she decided that instead they would go on a different ride, the shuttle bus through the parking lot.

Louis ended up admitting that he was on a vacation, and he encouraged Jessica to relax. It took her a little bit, and that meant some funny moments, such as when she wore clothes to the massage and made comments about the whales singing. But, of course, she was right all along, and it turned out that their bill was huge due to hidden fees. But, Jessica took care of the situation, because that's what she does. She pulled out Evan's tooth and claimed that it came out when he slipped by the pool with no lifeguard on duty.

I think that this was a fantastic season premiere that really showcased all of the characters. It was a great episode, and I am sure that this season will provide us with more like it.

What did you think of "Family Business Trip"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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