Blindspot S1E2 Review

I'm back again! Last week, I was not a fan of the pilot but still thought that the show could be good. In "A Stray Howl", a tattoo leads the team to a fighter pilot. Let's see how that turns out!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E2 "A Stray Howl"

The episode started with everyone trying to trigger Jane's memory. The psychologist used pictures, Kurt used fighting to try to help her muscles remember something. They discovered the meaning of a second tattoo based on the first one, it seems that the tattoos will do this, one is a clue to the next. If so, I think that would be fun as long as it doesn't come off as cheesy. They go to the house of the pilot that Jane's tattoo lead them to, and he did not let them in. As they were leaving, an explosion went off in the house. A body was not found though.

The first act of the episode seemed obsessed with the case, and not the characters. These first two cases in the show have not been that interesting, and Jamie Alexander and her character are the most interesting part. In this part of the episode, she is getting very little screen time, which is not a good thing. Near the end of the act, however, we got something interesting, when we got a little bit of backstory from Kurt, when he was ten he had a friend that disappeared, and before her disappearance she got a scar on the back of her neck, where Jane's scar is.

Jane got in a fight with some guy in an apartment building down a floor from where the others were, just like last week, what was with that? Then, she saw the guy from her memories, and there was an explosion. While I like the rate that the show is giving out information, the other parts of the show are not great, usually either boring or predictable. So far, even Jamie Alexander's performance in this episode hasn't been good enough to make me even sort of like the episode.

After an interesting scene with Jane about if good people can do terrible things, the episode got more boring again. The show is too focused on the case of the week when it should be more focused on the overall mystery and the characters. Jane waits in the car for many of the intense scenes, and I really wish she was there in those scenes. Kurt running around with a gun isn't that entertaining. And, again, just like last week, Jane has to come to the rescue. Not much originality here, writers. I don't enjoy the same thing over and over again each week.

Kurt is convinced that Jane is his childhood friend Taylor, and the files from Taylor's case have been ordered. Apparently, his father was a suspect in the disappearance. The episode ended with a man showing up in Jane's house. One thing that I must admit the episode did well was introducing Kurt's backstory, which was interesting.

While I wanted to like this show, I thought that this episode was bad. If next week's episode is about as good as this week's or if it is worse, I will give up on the show. If it is about as good as the pilot, I will give it one more shot.

What did you think of "A Stray Howl"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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