The Goldbergs Season 3 Premiere

Hello, I'm Aasim, and I will be reviewing The Goldbergs season 3. The show last left off with Dana leaving to go live in Seattle with her family. I expected a breakup and lot of crying on Adam's part but I'm glad that didn't happen. One major (obvious) change in the show is that Adam's voice has broken, mostly due to Sean Giambrone hitting puberty in real life, which I am sure will lead to many interesting stories being told throughout the season. The Goldbergs is still going strong, notching a 2.4 for its premiere and gaining more than its lead-in The Middle, which got a 2.1. A great start to a new season.

S3E1- A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party

The premiere begins with Future Adam talking about the Tom Cruise movie "Risky Business" and how Barry dreamed of living the movie, kinda like how Barry wanted to live "Ferris Bueller's day off". Barry wants to have a Risky Business party and he decides to ask Erica and Lanie. Lanie agrees to have the party in her home since her dad is out of town.

 However their plan gets cancelled after Barry accidentally makes Lanie crash her dad's Porsche into a lake. Beverly finds out about the party and makes Lanie stay at the Goldberg residence for the week. Lanie initially tries to manipulate Beverly, but after Beverly helps Lanie become cheer captain, she starts to appreciate Beverly.

That all changes when Beverly forces Lanie to take the SAT even though Lanie has no intention of going to college. In an act of defiance, Lanie sets up a Risky Business party with Barry and Erica, however it gets out of hand and Beverly comes and saves the day by getting everyone out of Lanie's house with embarrassing dance moves.
In the end, Erica thanks her smother for helping them out.

Adam's story followed him trying a long distance relationship with Dana. However Murray bans him from using the phone after he discovers that he has been making calls to Seattle. Adam then sneaks into the teachers lounge in his school but is caught by his sad pathetic guidance counselor who calls Murray to his office. Murray tells the counselor that long distance never works but the counselor disagrees by stating that he was in a long distance relationship with a woman with a male roommate. Both Adam and Murray both notice the problems in his story and Adam leaves, furious at Murray.

Later at home, Pops tells Murray to support Adam as Pops reminds Murray that he was also in a long distance relationship with Beverly. Murray then tells Adam that he is allowed to use the phone for 10 minutes a day, but that night while Adam was talking to Dana while looking at Haley's comet, Murray let him talk for more time, knowing that the time Adam spent was worth more than the phone bill

Like many great shows such as the wire and black-ish, the Goldbergs has become a show I initially didn't care about, to one of my favorite sitcoms. I feel this show could go on for a very long time, provided the current ABC comedy block is not altered.

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