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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, September 19, 2015
Welcome back to Top Posts + Comment of the Week. You probably noticed that there is no longer a weekly question in this post; instead, there will be an entire weekly post dedicated to five questions, my answers, and an open opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions as well.

Top Posts of the Week

In the upcoming times it will be increasingly hard to have an article make the Top 5. I'll continue providing just the Top 5 for now I think, but that may have to expand.

  1. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: July 3 by Hunter
  2. FOX Renew/Cancel Watch by Alan
  3. BoJack Horseman and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Reviews by Aasim
  4. NBC Premiere Ratings Predictions by Luke
  5. CBS Renew/Cancel Preseason Predictions by Jordan
So yeah, I'm pretty much the least popular TV Ratings Guide member. Disappointingly missing from the list was Eric's latest article, titled "What Went Right: American Ninja Warrior". You can click on the title to navigate to the page if you missed it, as with all the articles on the top 5. And no, the date on Hunter's Summer Renew/Cancel post is not a typo--Google search has been especially friendly with that post it appears, and is being boosted from that traffic.

Comment of the Week

This comment actually wasn't posted on The TV Ratings Guide; it was posted instead on TVbytheNumbers. It's the best compliment we have ever had, and I feel like I need to share it with everyone, especially anyone who is visiting this site for the first time:

I spent some time today on your site, and it's fantastic! Definitely worth a look! It's way more than what Tv by the numbers is. There's interesting articles and analysises, original angles to analyse numbers and things, and overall just very good stuff! I'm definitely going forward to when the fall season starts to see your ratings analysis and your predictions, but it's already looking amazing!
Really, guys, the articles are really thorough and complete, it's not a copy of TVbtn, it's way more than that! Go take a look at that site!

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