The Middle S7E2 Review

Just six years ago, The Middle started, and Sue was hilarious as a seventh grader who tries out for everything but doesn't make anything. Now, she's just as hilarious as she goes off to college, and in its seventh season The Middle is just as fresh as it was earlier on.

S7E2 "Cutting the Cord"

This episode embraced Frankie and Mike's laziness as they really don't want to take care of Brick after Sue is dropped off at college. Meanwhile, Sue is wondering when her roommate will show up, as it has been three days and she hasn't yet. This was very funny because she kept texting Frankie about it, and everything else. Brick meanwhile at school dresses up as a bookmark to be a mascot for the pep rally, which was hilarious.

Axl, also, has ants in his house, and he and Hutch try to get rid of them, first by trying to attract them all to a bowl of syrup, then by looking on Craigslist for an anteater. Sue of course keeps contacting Frankie, and one of the calls was hilarious where Sue said that she learns that not everyone loves America and not all policemen are nice. Oh, Sue, you are so naïve. Sue's roommate finally shows up, and she is a junior who is like the complete opposite of Sue. Frankie and Mike decide to stop helping out Sue because she always wants one more of everything, but they can't think of a nice way to say that to her, so Mike just sends her a frog emoji. Great parenting, huh? Frankie and Mike are very funny in this episode.

Brick now has a sort-of bodyguard, and he doesn't understand why. But, it turns out that the kid is just being nice, so he teaches the kid how to do his dance for "Everybody Read Now". Meanwhile, Sue and her roommate aren't exactly getting along, and Sue goes to sleep on the couch in the lounge, but she gets written up for that. She calls Frankie and Mike in tears, and they decide that she really does need help. Axl ends up being the one to help Sue out though, he takes her to get pizza. It was a really sweet moment that I really enjoyed.

This was a great episode of The Middle, I really enjoyed it. Sue going off to college is providing the show with some great humor, and I think this will be a really good season.

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