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I'm back! Last week, I really enjoyed the first two episodes of Scream Queens, finding it very funny as well as thrilling. Thirteen more episodes now remain in the season (including this one) as we wait to find out who the Red Devil is. Theories as to who it is are very welcome in the comments, and I may include them in the following week's post. But, before that, I have an episode to review!

And, of course, spoilers ahead.

S1E3 "Chainsaw"

In this episode, Chanel #5 discovers that #2's body has gone missing, just like the maid's earlier. When Grace and Zayday go into #2's room, they discover that she isn't there and there is a stain on the ground. Denise tries to put some sense into their heads, but they don't listen, if only people listened to Denise. Cathy gives a speech, and in it she mentions that Boone's death was ruled a suicide. Also, the university gets a new mascot, an ice cream cone. Grace, Zayday, and Denise went to Bel-Air, where they discover that #2 is not there, you know, because she is dead.

Next, Grace's dad begins teaching her film analysis class, which she is mad about. He shows a film about the Texas chainsaw massacre, and Gigi comes into his class and after class they flirt. Then, we meet the guy in the ice cream cone. It was a hilarious scene, but then he is murdered by the Red Devil with a chainsaw. Chanel then decides to give "Neckbrace" a makeover to look nice and to have there be one less loser in Kappa, hoping to get Chad back.

Cathy has an idea for her and Gigi to move into Kappa for a week. Then, #5 talks to the lesbian pledge, and reveals that her father was Charles Manson. She wants them to be alibi buddies, in case one of them is accused in the next murder. Then, Chanel reveals that "Neckbrace" is now Chanel #6. The other two Chanels are outraged, and I smell a murder coming.

Chad tells his group that he believes that Boone was murdered. Grace then goes back to her love interest, and shares her new theory that Chad is the Red Devil because she believes that he was the baby from 20 years ago. Then, Chad and his squad walk down the street calling out the Red Devil, and two of them show up with chainsaws and kill two of the squad.

Denise considers Zayday a "person of extreme murderous interest" and arrests her. While this at first seems crazy, she makes a good point, as she believes that Zayday is working with someone else, based on a tweet at Shonda Rhimes and a chainsaw found underneath her bed. Cathy and Gigi are going to go to bed, and Cathy needs a white noise machine to sleep. The noises though are loud and annoying, so Gigi decides to sleep on the couch. The Red Devil then shows up, again with a chainsaw. I'm really wondering why in this episode he or she uses a chainsaw, while in the past, the Red Devil didn't. Gigi and Grace's dad fight the Red Devil, and knock him or her over the couch. When they look again behind the couch, though, only the chainsaw is there. They then accuse Cathy of being the killer.

While I question the whole chainsaw thing, the episode was still very exciting and funny. It was a really good episode.

What did you think of "Chainsaw"? What is your Red Devil theory? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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