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Last week, I mentioned that Modern Family is growing old, and it is showing it. The humor does not feel fresh anymore, unlike back in the first three seasons. I hoped that this second episode of the new season would be better than the first, was it? Read on to find out what I thought of it.

S7E2 "The Day Alex Left for College"

In this episode, Alex told her parents the wrong day that she was going off to college so they wouldn't make a big deal out of it. That was pretty funny as it showed the contrast between Phil and Claire's more emotional characters and Alex who is not emotional. Joe got to be funny in a scene where Jay and Gloria don't want to go to Lily's soccer game, and things are not going well for Mitch and Cam as Mitch handles wills and estates, and Cam is focused on renting out the upstairs unit.

Alex arrives at college, and her roommate is exactly the type of person she didn't expect, which Haley finds hilarious. Then, there is a hilarious scene where the rest of the family doesn't show up for Lily's soccer game, and Mitch and Cam borrow everyone's phone to call all of their phones, and Claire and Gloria come up with excuses why they couldn't show up.

Also in this episode, Phil and Luke are showing a very strange house. That storyline really was not interesting and it wasn't funny. The rest of the family shows up at Lily's game, and Mitch sees that Jay has been shot in the foot, but Joe reveals that it was Gloria that shot him. The end of the episode  had some good moments, such as when Mitch called halftime "intermission", but overall it really wasn't as strong as the first two thirds of the episode.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. It had some weaker spots, but there were also some really good jokes.

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