Modern Family Season 7 Premiere Review

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Hi, I'm Hunter and I will be reviewing Modern Family this season. I used to be a huge fan of Modern Family. This, of course, was back before season four began. The first three seasons included great writing performed by great actors and it was hilarious. And while these great actors have remained, the writing has been much more up-and-down. Season four, while having some good episodes, also had some really lousy ones, Haley was ignored for most of the beginning of the season, and Gloria's pregnancy, which could have had some hysterical moments, provided very few good laughs. Season five was an improvement, and the Las Vegas episode as well as the premiere and two-part finale were classics, but season six was the worst season yet. One of the better parts of the very mediocre sixth season was the storyline of Haley and Andy's feelings for each other, and this resulted in an actually pretty good cliffhanger ending. Now, we can find out what happens and cross our fingers hoping that season seven will be an improvement on the previous season.

S7E1 "Summer Lovin'"

The episode picked up where the last one left off, and Phil was trying to get ahold of Haley. Haley then found out that Andy loves her, so she rushed down to the beach, but she hesitated and Andy proposed to his girlfriend. The show then jumped a month to June, where Claire is comforting Haley and loving that Haley needs her. Then, we got to see Dylan again which was very funny. I wish he was in the show more. Also in June, Mitch and Cam ran into financial issues, and enrolling Joe in preschool turned out to be more complicated for Jay and Gloria than expected.

The show then jumped to July, where Cam is trying to get Mitch a job, Claire is getting annoyed with Haley and Dylan being together, and Jay and Gloria still are having trouble picking a preschool for Joe. The show is feeling very tired now, you can definitely tell it is in its seventh season. It has some good jokes, a lot of the ones in this episode were ones said by Dylan, but in general the show really isn't that good anymore.

Then we jumped to September. Andy returned, and he is now fat, probably because he overheard Claire and Phil talking about how Haley almost told him about her feelings. Also, Alex and Sanjay broke up because they were both going off to different colleges, and Mitch encouraged Alex to paint. She ended up deciding she wants to try a long-distance relationship, and Mitch realized that he was going through a mid-life crisis. While the episode covered three months of time, it felt like nothing really happened in it. The show has proved that it is not good at handling premieres after finales that have cliffhangers, as the forth season premiere was similar to this.

This premiere, while having some funny moments, was overall very disappointing. It was a bad episode, but I think some of that was because the last episode ended on a cliffhanger that they didn't know how to resolve.

What did you think of the season premiere of Modern Family? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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