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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, September 12, 2015
Welcome back to this weekly segment. As usual, this page will display the five most-viewed articles this week, as well as our favorite comment (which is hard to choose!) and provide an open-ended question for all to discuss in the comments below.

Top Posts of the Week

As usual, only articles with original, TV ratings-related articles make this list. For example, this series of posts is ineligible. Also, clicking on the title of the post will redirect you to the post itself.
  1. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: July 3 by Hunter
  2. The TV Ratings Guide Weekly: Week Ending September 9 by Alan
  3. Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions: September 11 by Hunter
  4. 3 Reasons Why Apple May Change the Streaming Business by theratingsjunkie
  5. Speculation vs Reality: Midseason 2016 by theratingsjunkie
Yeah, I'm surprised as you are at the July 3rd Summer Renew/Cancel Predictions sudden surge to the top of this week's list. This week it also claimed the title of being our most-viewed article ever.

Comment of the Week

This was a Trainwreck comment (bad pun intended)

For the moment, I am also thinking that Undateable will be axed after this season due to the number of episodes produced and the timeslot. If it didn't thrive behind The Voice, it isn't going to remotely thrive with Truth Be Told on Fridays. Perhaps with lower production costs this season there's a chance (if it can maintain consistent 1s without falling below), but I just can't see NBC renewing it unless they have few other options by season's end. It always depends on how their pilots turn out for next season too. And as you mentioned above, Superstore and Hot & Bothered have respectable chances if they are good and marketed right. If NBC ends up with renewals for Store and H&B, as well as likely renewals for Mr. Robinson and The Carmichael Show, I don't think Undateable will be a necessity unless they intend to send it back to summer. I'm curious to see if NBC will have a little reprieve with comedy this season.
In other areas, I am thinking The Blacklist will definitely reach 4, maybe 5 seasons before NBC calls it. I don't think ratings will sustain much beyond that point and James Spader won't go down that road any longer than he has to. This assumes that NBC has promising-enough new drama entries in the next 2-3 seasons that can take its place. I was just thinking: what if SVU does last another 4-5 seasons and ends at the same time as some or all of Wolf's Chicago shows? Fire would have 7-8, PD 6-7, and (possibly) Med at 4-5. I'm really curious how long this franchise can last before anything "Chicago" becomes overexposed. Laura is of course done after this season and everyone smells DOA written all over Truth Be Told. Heroes seems like it'll start well and then wind down quickly, and I'd say Blindspot has a much better chance to succeed than The Player based on the timeslot alone, but also the reception to the initial trailers/promotional material.

Question of the Week

I'm continuing the ritual of basing the Question of the Week after the Comment of the Week:

  1. How long can the Chicago franchise last before becoming overexposed? Or is it already overexposed?
Thanks for reading, and remember to keep commenting everyone for a chance to see it featured in a future post!

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