The TV Ratings Guide Is (Not) Turning into Smoo

The Ratings Junkie Monday, September 28, 2015
Written by Oh Smoo

There, did I catch your attention? For those who are not familiar with my humor, it is wicked, satirical and borderline crude. Of course TV Ratings Guide is not turning into smoo (as I like to place in the form of the colorful obscenity). They don't even tolerate obscenities in the comments. If anything, I'm glad theratingsjunkie obviously pays his exterminator monthly to keep trolls out of this happy haven. I'm writing this article not only for cross promotion to encourage posters to join us, but also due to an alarming issue I noticed on an unnamed leading TV ratings site today as irate posters are dealing with writer changes. In particular, that heralded site lost two beloved writers, and their replacement has been greeted with less than favorable comments. If you are one of the people angered that particular site has the ratings delayed, I encourage you to channel your energy for positive and perhaps build a vacation home on our site while our they works out their growing pains.
With the ratings delay this morning, the comments grew quite aggressive and sardonic, with such comments as "If there is a 1 hour delay, [The new writer] will take 4 hours". That particular site has been in operation for multiple seasons, and several of us loyal followers cruise daily to see how the shows are performing. However, the last year or so had its issues, like any established site. I equate that site to a longstanding soap opera. They had triumphs, laughs, catfights, villains, and most of all, a fiercely loyal fan base. However, people neglect to realize soaps will inevitably have up and down eras, much like our TV shows.
I grew up watching soaps on ABC and CBS, and frequently jumped around between longstanding shows Young and the Restless, All My Children, One Life to Live General Hospital and Guiding Light. The reason I had so many was my mother watched the CBS shows, and enjoyed certain time periods for the ABC shows. They had their great years, and then there were years I imagined the characters sitting in a church like the Blazing Saddles clip I posted, singing the hymn, "Our town is turning into $h!-...." That was my coping method, other than sniping about how awful my once beloved soap had become. I once heard advice that if I hated my show, take a break and step away for a few months and return at a later date. And if I didn't like what I saw when I returned, it was time to move elsewhere and be happy. I did this with GH at the beginning of 2008 when they senselessly murdered three legacy characters I loved, and I didn't return until 2012 when the writers and producers laid off the booze and weed when writing stories.
Like the analogy to my soap, some of us need to weigh in on how important the other site is in our day. I'll admit when I saw the delay today, I began evaluating alternative sources to get my daily ratings fixes. The two beloved writers leaving are like a beloved actor/character exiting, leaving a gaping hole in our fabric. Some of us are heartbroken, some of us miss the humor, and some of us are guarded and difficult in accepting a new person filling the shoes of our beloved writer who left us. Instead of focusing on who isn't here anymore, focus on who is here. You may be missing your writer, but would you miss your fellow posters? I know since I left a while ago, I missed theratingsjunkie and so many others. What I did not miss was a nasty woman who took the queen's crown of trolling to vicious heights, and a narcissistic and crass man. Instead, I have made a happy home on The TV Ratings Guide, as it has allowed all of us to express our creativity and insight into the world of TV.
For those of you joining us for the first time or rejoining us, I invite you to take a peek at the articles offered. For those of you who crave humor like me, you've found your site.  The TV Ratings Guide for the time being will be posting the Adult18-49 demos daily and promptly.

We welcome you to join us if you need a break or enjoy chatting in troll free territory. I know for a fact theratingsjunkie has zero tolerance for trolls, as I watch him zap an uninvited guest with a can of Raid :P

*Disclaimer: The following video contains a mild obscenity at the end that was included for the purpose of this remaining an editorial. Credits to JasperKeller on YouTube, who published the video from Blazing Saddles*

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