As Always, New Shows Receive Mixed Critical Reception (Updated 9/28)

Hey guys, in this post I'll be taking look at how the new scripted shows are doing in terms of reviews. Keep in mind that critical reception is not a great indicator of ratings success or audience reception because often times critics have very different tastes from a broader audience. Critical reception is like social media in the sense that it is based on a small segment of the TV viewing population.
Updated 9/28

Here is a list of the new fall shows with Metacritic scores and their premiere dates. Most of these scores will fluctuate because of more reviews and scores being calculated into their average, and some shows do not have one yet because they have not accumulated enough reviews for a score. The ones that are italicized have a score, but there are very little reviews. The scores of these shows will likely fluctuate up to their premieres.

Network Show Premiere Date Score
CBS Life in Pieces Monday, September 21 64
FOX Minority Report Monday, September 21 51
NBC Blindspot Monday, September 21 65
ABC The Muppets Tuesday, September 22 62
FOX Scream Queens Tuesday, September 22 59
CBS Limitless Tuesday, September 22 57
FOX Rosewood Wednesday, September 23 37
NBC Heroes: Reborn* Thursday, September 24 53
NBC The Player Thursday, September 24 43
ABC Blood & Oil Sunday, September 27 49
ABC Quantico Sunday, September 27 70
FOX Grandfathered Tuesday, September 29 63
FOX The Grinder Tuesday, September 29 73
CBS Code Black Wednesday, September 30 57
ABC Dr. Ken Friday, October 2 28
CW Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Monday, October 12
NBC Truth Be Told Friday, October 16
CBS Supergirl Monday, October 26
CBS Angel From Hell Thursday, November 5
NBC Chicago Med Tuesday, November 10
So far, this fall's new shows don't seem to vary as much in critical reviews compared to last year. On the extreme negative side, last year we had Stalker which had a score of 17! And below 40 which is categorized as generally negative reviews contained Mulaney, Bad Judge, The Mysteries of Laura, and Stalker last year. This year could potentially match that number as Blood & Oil and The Player could possibly fall into that range while I'm guessing the others without a score are candidates as well excluding Supergirl. On the positive side, last year notably had Jane the Virgin with 80, Blackish with 77, and Gotham with 71. Right now Quantico and The Grinder seem to be doing well, but again, they are likely to change in the coming days. For example, a couple hours ago Grandfathered was at 66, but now another review has come in and down to 60. There's nothing special or really standing out at this point, but The Grinder and Quantico have potential and who knows about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Rosewood's reviews just confirm how bad everyone thought it was, and The Player and Blood & Oil both look shaky.

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