Fresh Off the Boat S2E2 Review

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In my opinion, Fresh Off the Boat is currently the funniest show on television. Every episode has been at least good so far, and this one is not an exception.

S2E2 "Boy II Man"

The episode started with classic Fresh Off the Boat humor. Jessica decided on an elective for Eddie, and her reasoning was "because I said so", which the entire family chimed in on saying. Also, there was a hilarious moment where Evan was power walking to school with the neighborhood ladies. At school, Nicole needed a tutor, and convinced Eddie to be her tutor, so they can just listen to music and Eddie doesn't have to take pickelo, but Jessica doesn't want Eddie to tutor. Also, Jessica helps Honey say no, and Louis wants a daughter.

Louis talks to Jessica about having a daughter but she says no, though Emory overhears, and he and Evan talk about if they had a sister, and they made a hilarious joke about Eddie not going to college. This kids are really funny. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Eddie that he cannot tutor, but he says no, which makes Jessica angry. Remember, this is Jessica though, she is far from finished. She convinces the principal to give Eddie other students to tutor, and then he hates tutoring. Jessica has won.

Louis leaves calendars of baby girls dressed as vegetables all over the house, and when he tells Jessica how cute it is, she goes on about how it looks like the baby was cursed, and it was a very hilarious rant. Eddie is depressed that he can't have one-on-one time with Nicole, and he just listens to Boyz II Men in his room. At dinner, he starts singing, and the other men of the family join in. Jessica doesn't know what to do, and Honey convinces her that she needs to be a friend to Eddie. It was a very fitting ending to the episode.

I think that this may be the best episode of Fresh Off the Boat yet. It was very funny, like usual, and it also had a good more serious moment near the end with Jessica and Eddie. This was definitely a great episode.

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