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Hi, I'm Hunter and I will be reviewing Life in Pieces this season, unless either I give up on the show because I don't like it or it is pulled from the schedule. I don't expect either of those to happen, though, so here is my first of hopefully many reviews for Life in Pieces!

When it was first ordered last May, many people nicknamed Life in Pieces "Modern CBS Family", due to its similar premise to the ABC sitcom Modern Family, as both shows follow an extended family. The most important thing, then, for Life in Pieces is to show that it is not just a copy of Modern Family, but its own show. While I was not stoked for the premiere of Life in Pieces, my thoughts throughout the summer is that I think it could really be a good show that highlighted the comedic skills of some of the actors in the show, such as Zoe Lister-Jones, who was previously on Whitney, which was canceled after two seasons, and Friends with Better Lives, which was canceled after one. On September 21st we finally got to see the first episode of Life in Pieces, and here are my thoughts!

S1E1 "Pilot"

In the episode's first of four short stories, Matt went on a date and the two of them are heading home, but she lives with her ex-fiancé and he lives with his parents. Much of this was already seen if you watched the trailer, but it was still funny, and the ex-fiancé was very entertaining.

The second story was even funnier than the first. The new parents (whose names I could not remember), were hilarious. They were over-the-top in their emotions when they left the hospital, and it was great. I've seen Zoe Lister-Jones in past roles and she played characters that were very different but she was very funny, but I think she is way funnier in this show.

In the third short story, a family of five is taking the oldest son on a college visit. The parents were very typical in how embarrassing they were, but the actors were very good so it was entertaining. Little kids talking like adults is always hilarious, and it was no exception to that when the youngest daughter found out that Santa Claus was made up. This story wasn't as good as the second one, and it was not too original, but it was still entertaining.

In the forth story, a funeral was put on to celebrate the 70th birthday of the father of Matt, the husband from the second story, and the mother from the third story. It was a much more original idea, and it was very funny when he got trapped in the casket.

While this episode was entertaining, I'm not sure how much I like the format because there isn't much of an introduction and conclusion to the stories, and some of them are very short. But, so far, I think that format is alright, and I think that the episode was pretty good.

What did you think of the series premiere of Life in Pieces? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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