How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Premiere Review

Hi, I'm Hunter and I will be reviewing How to Get Away with Murder this season. I was a big fan of this TGIT drama in season one due to the many twists and the fantastic Viola Davis, who was nothing short of amazing last year. This season I hope is just as good. For my thoughts on the first episode of the season, keep reading.

And, of course, spoilers ahead.

S2E1 "It's Time to Move On"

After a long recap of the first season, from Sam's murder to Rebecca's murder, the episode started with Annalise's class where none of the Keating Five can concentrate and Wes refuses to answer a question. There was also flashbacks to Rebecca's murder, where it was revealed that she was suffocated, but we still don't know who did it at this point in the episode. Annalise then really wants to take on a case about a brother and sister accused of killing their parents, because Annalise loves a challenge. The Keating Five are unmotivated, but then a woman shows up, someone from Annalise's past.

It turned out that this woman was the lawyer whose number Annalise gave Nate last season. She and Annalise talked, and she tried to convince her to take Nate's case. Then, we got to the plot that I was really excited to see more of, Connor and Oliver. At the end of the first season, Oliver found out that he was HIV positive. Connor doesn't freak out that much, and he still wants to have sex, but Oliver doesn't, he doesn't even want to think about sex. Meanwhile, Frank is convinced that Wes killed Rebecca. So far, the episode was has been fairly disappointing, there are so many plots going on that it takes awhile to set everything up for the new season.

About halfway through the episode, we now find out that there is more information discovered about "Eggs 911", the text that Rebecca sent from Michaela's phone.  But, that information isn't given yet. Also, the past between Annalise and her old friend is vaguely referred to, but it is too unspecific.

The case with the brother and sister really is not needed in the episode. There are only a few scenes dedicated to it, and really it just seems like a plot given to Laurel because she has nothing in this episode. I think that the episode would have been better without it. Then, Michaela is stupid and texts "Hi" to the "Eggs 911" number. Laurel shows up at Frank's house, convinced that Frank killed Rebecca because if she was still alive she would have gone to the police. Frank becomes convinced that Laurel is the murderer, but Annalise has another idea. Now it's getting exciting!

Flashback again to the day of Rebecca's death. Bonnie went down to the basement and talked to Rebecca. Bonnie accused Rebecca of killing Lila, then she killed Rebecca. Bonnie claims to Annalise that her killing Rebecca was to help Annalise, but she says that it was because she couldn't imagine Sam as a murderer. Annalise then goes to her old friend's, and we get a little bit of information. Sam was Annalise's therapist. Then, Annalise and the friend kiss, they weren't just friends before. This was an interesting revelation, but was it a fitting one?

In the fifth and final act it looked like we were going to get back to the case for the brother and sister, Annalise was finally taking over the case. We also finally get back momentarily to Oliver and Connor, and Connor is insisting they move in together. Then, Annalise randomly takes the group to a club. Michaela gets a text from "Eggs 911" while she is away from her bag, and the aunt related to the brother and sister case is killed. Then, the story flashes forward two months, where Wes looks like he has just murdered someone, and the beginning of Annalise's lecture from the beginning of the episode about how most often people are murdered by someone they know, such as a lover. Annalise is then found, shot in the stomach.

This was definitely not the strongest episode of How to Get Away with Murder, as there was too much to set up and not enough time. I think that the plot about the brother and sister should not have been included in this episode because it was too overloaded, and the time could have been better spent on Connor and Oliver or Annalise and Frank trying to figure out who murdered Rebecca. But, the episode did have many intriguing things in it, and I cannot wait for the next episode. Overall, the episode was alright, but I can't wait for the rest of the season!

What did you think of the season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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