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Hi! I'm Hunter, and I will be reviewing The Middle this season. Despite the fact that it has aired a total of 144 episodes at the end of its sixth season last May, the show has maintained its quality throughout its first six years, which is very impressive, especially for a sitcom focused on family. In season five, oldest child Axl went off to college and, unlike fellow now-seventh season Wednesday night ABC sitcom Modern Family, the transition of one child going off to college was flawless, the show still featured Axl enough, unlike Haley in Modern Family who was seen only on occasion on a laptop for the four or five episodes she was at college. His college was close to home so he would frequently return home, more so in season five than six, and he got his own storylines while at college, more so in season six than five. Now, in season seven, middle child Sue is heading off to college, and I the transition to be hilarious and done well.

S7E1 "Not Your Brother's Drop Off"

Sue is about to head off to college and, of course, she was excited about it all summer. Frankie meanwhile pretended to be emotional about it, but really was not. Also, Mike was very funny making sure that Sue is ready for life. Sue accidentally melts part of her hair with a curling iron, but she is always optimistic, and as she says "sometimes when God chops off your hair, He opens up a window."

On the way to college, they needed to take two separate cars, so Sue insisted they communicate between the two cars using walkie talkies. And, of course, things go very wrong when Axl gets annoyed with Sue, so he ends up passing them, trying to get out of walkie talkie range, and some of Sue's things fall off the car, and Frankie and Mike's car gets a flat tire. The episode so far is very typical The Middle, and it is very funny as usual.

Mike insisted that Sue changes the tire, which meant some good physical comedy, such as when she chased down a rolling tire. Sue ends up finding out that Frankie wasn't really emotional, so she rides in the other car. Frankie decides to try to talk to Sue on the walkie talkie, and she ends up actually getting emotional. It was a really sweet moment. And it was funny when Mike couldn't say "I love you". This episode had a lot of typical funny The Middle moments as well as some sweet ones.

The seventh season premiere of The Middle showed how, seven seasons in, it still is a good show. This was a pretty good episode, and I'm really glad that The Middle has stayed so good. Also, this show really deserves to win some awards! How Patricia Heaton and Eden Sher have never gotten nominated for an Emmy is beyond me, it is very frustrating.

What did you think of the season premiere of The Middle? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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