Blindspot Series Premiere Review

Hi, I'm Hunter and I will be reviewing Blindspot this season, unless either I give up on the show because I don't like it, or it is pulled from the schedule. I highly doubt either of those will happen, though, so here is my first of hopefully many reviews for Blindspot!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

I have been really excited for Blindspot. Of all of this fall's shows, it is the one I have been most excited for. The trailer was great, so I have really wanted to see Blindspot's pilot since May. The people behind the show have said that there are a lot of big reveals throughout the first season, so I'm excited for that, but I hope that they can keep this up for five to six seasons, and that the story isn't going to run out of steam in season two. But, that is thinking too far in advance for now, I will now give my thoughts about Blindspot's first episode.

S1E1 "Pilot"

A lot of Blindspot's first scene was in the trailer released in May, so it was nothing new. The dumb police officer sees a bag just lying in Times Square and he asks people if they know whose bag it is, it takes a tag saying "call the FBI" to make him do anything. Then there's the guy going to inspect the bag who is all suited up but isn't wearing gloves. And of course after that Jamie Alexander climbs naked out of the bag. The scene after that seemed fairly pointless, it tried to introduce the male lead with a scene showing an FBI investigation, as he works for the FBI. After that he ends up a part of the actual story when he discovers that his name is tattooed on her back.

The episode starts very serious. The show seems depressed, but not in a poetic sort of way. Jamie Alexander's Jane Doe seems more depressed than confused. It seemed even more that way when she stared at herself in the mirror and then ended up crying on the ground. After the first fifteen minutes, the show started to get a lot better. It felt a lot more exciting, and Jamie Alexander was much more entertaining when not playing extremely depressed. This first case-of-the-week started with a tattoo that was in Chinese I believe behind Jane's left ear. She discovered that she understood the language and it had an address and that day's date. How convenient! And how convenient that this tattoo stood out to her of all of them!

Jane of course ended up looking for trouble, because that's what her type of character does. She ended up getting into a fight with two guys, and she destroyed them. This really showed off Jamie Alexander's amazing skills. Then, a video is found on the computer of the guy whose apartment Jane's tattoo led them to. In the video, which was set to upload in a few hours, the guy talked in the past tense about a "reckoning" that had happened.

They end up finding a guy associated with all of this and following him into the subway. But this guy knows that he is being followed, so he disconnects part of the train from the rest, and leaves a bomb behind. I didn't enjoy this scene too much because I'm not a very big fan of the male lead at this point. During this, Jane deciphers emails and discovers that the plans are to blow up the Statue of Liberty.

When heading to Liberty Island, Jane was finally let to be part of the action, which I was excited about because that means more Jamie Alexander. But then she was shot in the arm. So much for that. Main FBI dude and this episode's bad guy ended up in a fight, and Jane showed up to save the day. It takes more than a bullet to keep her down! She then had a memory of an outdoor shooting course. Most likely a memory will end up being an element that ends every episode. It didn't seem to reveal much though, so if every episode's memory is like that it will feel fairly disappointing. Near the end of the episode the lady that seems to be in charge at the FBI discovered that one tattoo on Jane's body matches with the number for a case file. Most everything is blacked out in this case file, of the few things that can be seen include a name and the word "murder". She doesn't tell the others this though. The episode ended with a doctor killing the guy that Jane shot, and a flashback showing that Jane herself decided to have her memory taken away, and this doctor was there. The last five minutes of the episode were intriguing, and now I am excited for next week's episode.

My expectations were not met with the first episode of Blindspot. It wasn't bad, and the ending left me excited for next week, but it was not a good episode. I'll say that the pilot of Blindspot was mediocre. Jamie Alexander was great, and the ending was great, but it was often predictable, and the male lead is not likeable enough.

What did you think of the series premiere of Blindspot? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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