Bob’s Burgers Season 9 Episode 2 Review

While I traditionally say that The Simpsons is my favorite animated comedy, Bob's Burgers has, for the last few seasons now, clearly been the best part of the Fox animation lineup. With its well-written scripts, fleshed-out characters, and a whole lotta goofiness, the show was always a bright spot in my week. Last week, the show was once again my favorite part of Fox's lineup, and I was so happy to have it back in my life. That makes me very excited to be writing my first-ever review of Bob's Burgers this week, and I hope this episode can hold up to all the praise I just threw at it.

The Belcher kids are at the arcade, and Louise is trying to get enough tickets for a new dune buggy. She's nowhere close to the necessary amount, but she's gonna go to the bank of Mom & Dad for more money to win more tickets. Bob tries to reason with the kids when they ask for more money, but he ends up giving them a few bucks anyway to get rid of them. Mr. Fischoeder is intrigued though, and convinces the kids to cheat in order to get more tickets. Meanwhile, Teddy asks Bob and Linda to take care of his chicken, which they agree to. At the arcade, Louise wins a ton of tickets thanks to Fischoeder's trick, but the arcade worker notices the trick and shuts down the machine. It's time for Mr. Fischoeder to come in and help.

Mr. Fischoeder explains the reason he's helping the kids beat Family Funtime, and shows them a warehouse full of old arcade games. He's showing them how to beat all the games and win the buggy, but he needs the help of a "crew." The Belchers assemble some kids from school, which is far from an all-star squad, and they get to work learning to beat the games. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda try to get the chicken to lay an egg, to no success. They try singing to it, and just end up arguing. Back at the warehouse, the crew is starting to perfect the games in preparation for the next day. After the day ends, Louise heads to Family Funtime to make sure everything is okay. She discovers that the photo booth curtain, an integral part of their plan, is missing. She goes behind the prize counter to search for another place to stash their illegal tickets, but gets caught and is banned from Family Funtime. All in all, not a very successful trip for Louise.

Louise tells the crew them about being banned, and she gets kicked out of the crew. She's not happy, but there's not much she can do about it. The crew begins their plan, with Tina now filling the Louise role. Unfortunately, they get caught anyway and they're taken to the same backroom that Louise was. That's when they learn that Mr. Fischoeder is actually an owner of Family Funtime, shocking everyone.

Tina asks Mr. Fischoeder why he helped them cheat at his own arcade, and he plays dumb. His partner decides to get rid of the dune buggy and not to make it an available prize at any other locations. Louise then shows up, acting friendly with the rest of the crew. It turns out that Louise figured out Fischoeder's whole plan, and the whole heist at Family Funtime was a farce. While the crew fooled Fischoeder and Family Funtime, Louise won the long-unwinnable mammoth at Wonder Wharf. They won't go away empty-handed, after all. At home that night, the chicken uses the mammoth to lay in and lay its egg.

This was an incredibly fun episode, even though the one plot was so, so much better than the other. The arcade plot was very interesting, and every character was used very well in it. Any return of Mr. Fischoeder is always welcome, and it was great to see him interacting with the kids in this one. I also loved the inclusion of some of the kids from school, even though they didn't have quite as much to do as the Belchers. The twist ending to the plot was also really clever, and was a lot more fun to see than an ending that would have involved the kids winning the dune buggy. I'm hope to see more plots involving Mr. Fischoeder and the kids in the future, because this was just pure fun.

 The plot with Bob and Linda, however, really didn't go anywhere until the very end of the episode. It felt really pointless for most of the episode, and I found myself annoyed that it was taking attention away from the main plot. This episode would have been more enjoyable without the inclusion of the Bob & Linda plot, even though I do love Bob and Linda. At least the chicken was cute.

Grade: 8.5/10
Score: B+

I hope you enjoyed my just Bob's Burgers review and that you liked the episode as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below!

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